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  1. VigorCrashMaster

    UI Bugs after 10.1 update

    Also, on PS, you don't get the message when someone uses Signal Tower. You only hear the sound but no message.
  2. VigorCrashMaster

    The Death of Vigor: Solved

    There is one thing that will make me stop playing this game... bush campers. You survive 3 gun fights, get good loot, run to your next destination and something shoots at you that you can't see and can't hear... a bush camper. Pay attention VIGOR DEVS... this is how you solve this unfair, frustrating, make people wanna quit tactic. You simply create a warning mechanic similar to the crows for exit campers. It doesn't drop bombs on them. It doesn't pin point their exact location. But you get a warning that someone is near you and has not been moving. Maybe its a rustling sound. Maybe just use the exact same crows sound. Maybe its a different flock of birds sound. The bombing of campers was ridiculous. Pin pointing an exact location would be an unfair advantage. BUT SOMETHING, similar to the crows MUST BE IMPLEMENTED. This way you are warned that someone you CAN'T SEE and CAN'T HEAR is waiting for you. There is nothing more frustrating than surviving gun fights with your skill and then running by a bush camper you can't see or hear and getting shot in the back.
  3. VigorCrashMaster

    Season 10 - Stealth Bombers

    yes! (Stealth bomber lol)
  4. VigorCrashMaster


    I spoke before I realized the new system. I guess 2nd and 3rd... and possibly all the way down to 5th or 6th get some kind of reward; a common crate or resource crate or something. I still prefer the old system of rewards but I understand there were some exploits/cheats. Why not just fix the exploits though? Why change the whole system for everyone?
  5. VigorCrashMaster


    Can we please get crates back for 2nd and 3rd? What was wrong with that system? More people get rewards. Why was this changed?
  6. VigorCrashMaster

    Cheaters / modders

    CancerNoBueno streams Vigor regularly on twitch. You can watch his stream. He plays the same way as you describe... pushes most enemies aggressively and gets a lot of kills. IMO, he's just a pretty good player. It's possible he saw you pass by a window in a building a fired some shots in the off chance he might get a lucky kill or do some damage. I've watched his stream. I don't think he's cheating.
  7. VigorCrashMaster

    Using aim bot on vigor

    Bruh. No proof here at all. You were prone. He head shot you. When you're prone you are leading with your head.
  8. The mortar strikes and alarms on campers is more of a significant annoyance to game play than it is a help. The alarms and mortars are annoyingly loud and a frustrating distraction to other game mechanics... primarily sound cues. If an anti-camping mechanism must be part of game play, then please consider other options to discourage camping. Here's a couple suggestions just off the top of my head: 1. They start taking damage. 2. They are marked on the map. 3. Their ability to move becomes significantly reduced after they have been camping. This might sound counter-intuitive at first since you want to encourage movement and discourage stationary players. 4. Perhaps a combination of 2 and 3 would place the stationary player hiding in a bush for 5 minutes at a significant disadvantage during combat. This would essentially eliminate any advantage they might gain by camping. Finally, I don't see "camping" as a problem at all in Vigor. Even with the new anti-camping mechanic, there are still plenty of times people hide in bushes and then surprise you and get the first shot off. THIS IS PART OF THE GAME. If an anti-camping measure must be implemented, please PLEASE consider other options.
  9. VigorCrashMaster

    People using Duplication Glitch

    100% insta ban both.
  10. VigorCrashMaster

    Save Appearance.

    It would be great to be able to save your appearance if you want different clothes and/or weapons skins for certain maps.
  11. I'm getting really frustrated with this game. Is there any news on when a fix is coming?
  12. VigorCrashMaster

    Fix your damned servers

    I've been playing Fiske only. See people crashing every out of the lobby every single game. I get a crash about 1/6-1/8 games.
  13. VigorCrashMaster

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    If your strategy is to spawn, run to an exit and kill people as they leave then you are an exit camper and you're lame. If you are a stealthy, quiet, patient stalker around other POI's then you are legit. EXIT CAMPING is the problem. This is how Bohemia needs to address EXIT CAMPING: MARK THEM ON THE MAP JUST LIKE THREAT (and take away threat it's stupid IMO). If someone is within a certain range of an exit for a certain amount of time they should be marked on the map of anyone in range of that person who is EXIT CAMPING. Simple fix. Remove the mortar strikes and locked exits. Nice try but no. They're lame. Mark the exit camper on the map. Done. End of exit camping.
  14. VigorCrashMaster

    PS4: shootout crowns don't increase reward

    I've definitely been in shootouts that were boosted and I finished 2nd thru 5th and got either more crates or 1 crate (like 4th or 5th).