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  1. I played on launch and had EVERY SINGLE shooting range challenge except the final PM (because it was broken) at GOLD. It all got wiped at some point. I'm assuming it was at the intro of seasons. Came back this season and began doing them but came to find that the final challenges for a few of the machine guns and subs are near IMPOSSIBLE to get gold on. I'm pretty good at the game, like, really good according to the angry messages I get but I can't hit those all 10 of those spread out moving targets on Suomi KP/31 final challenge in 10 seconds. I got 10.77 and it's not going down. Please beef up those timers a little bit.
  2. NomadGamesIG

    Suomi KP/31 Final Challenge

    The final suomi challenge is stupid difficult. That gun is the biggest steaming pile of cheeks I've ever seen and 10 seconds is crazy. I've gotten 10.77 but can't get lower. RIP
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    There are crates close enough to each spawn for it not to be a huge issue. You just have to finesse the competition to get em. It is a dog gun, though.