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    On PS4 after the update, my medals disappeared, including the first one that you can only get at the very start of the game if you do the tutorial. They come back every time I login but the one medal is gone forever. How can I get the first medal again? I think it was called something like coming out of the tunnel.
  2. On PlayStation, is there a way you can change the controls so we don’t have to hold down the left joystick to run? On other PlayStation games and on Switch, I don’t know about Xbox, all you have to do is press the left joystick once to run. My thumb is killing me, and the game is becoming unplayable because I have to hold the joystick down all the time. thank you
  3. There seems to be a real problem with the controls on PlayStation. To run, you have to HOLD the left joystick down. This is unlike on Switch, where you just press it once to run. Holding the left joystick down is absolutely a killer on the thumb. It makes the game unplayable after a several matches because of the pain on the thumb. If there’s anyway the devs could change this in a future patch, that would significantly improve the game experience.