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  1. Vikvendi

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    I'm not going to go into some ethical debate whether its right or wrong to kill an unarmed player. What I will say is this, you decide your own loadout before you start a match, weighing up the pro's and con's of it. The obvious con to running around unarmed is that your completely defenceless....if you're going to make yourself vulnerable you should accept he consequences that come with it.
  2. Vikvendi

    PS4 errors

    I've been receiving a lot of blue screen errors on ps4 also. But I mean I always assumed this was partially an issue at ps4's end seeing as I get blue screen errors even with AAA+ games...admittedly not with the same frequency as vigor but yeah. Another weird bug I've noticed is when playing in a duo, my friend received insurance twice without actually purchasing it, which he confirmed verbally and then there's fact I didn't receive i either confirmed so.
  3. Vikvendi

    Dev Road map?

    Just a quick query. Does anybody know if there's a dev road map that's been made public regarding future content? Would be curious to have a nosey at it. 😛
  4. Vikvendi

    Combining crates.

    No worries haha. I asked for feedback, not just good feedback. 😛 Even a bad idea can give birth to something better, so its always worth sharing ideas. 😄
  5. Vikvendi

    Just duo?

    Honestly speaking I find soloing queueing into any team mode can be pretty toxic, I've switched from apex legends to this game specifically because they had no solo mode and the playerbase left a pretty bad taste in my mouth after a while. I feel like selfish/toxic players would be even more problematic on this game due to the extremely high TTK and the reliance on loot collected in game. I wasn't around during during said random team modes, but I imagine these issues were pretty prevalent?
  6. Vikvendi

    Combining crates.

    Fair enough my dude, appreciate the candid response lol. 😛
  7. Yeah, also having an issue over on PS4. There seems to be an issue connecting to the cloud servers. Extremely long loading times followed by a failure to connect to the server, and if it does manage to connect it's for a very brief period.
  8. Vikvendi

    Combining crates.

    So a lot of loot (Weaponry etc) in this game seems to be pretty dependant on loot crates, and thats fine as there is a myriad of methods to obtain them. I've noticed that generally speaking we can only systematically earn common/uncommon crates as rewards though (challenges ommited). I thought it might be cool to incorporate a crates combining system. In which for example; 6 common crates can be combined into one uncommon crate, to use the system requires forking out some materials with alternative option to use crowns also. The amount of both to use this system increases depending on the loot crates rarity. Just a quick overhead of how this would look in theory; 6 Common crates +2k materials or 5 crowns= 1 uncommon crate. As for how this would look in game, it could be added as a new shelter upgrade perhaps? 4 stages of upgrade that allow you to combine up to a higher tier of crate with each progressive upgrade on the shelter upgrade. Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Vikvendi


    @Dopeydopeman420 hey dude, is this not a system thats currently in play? I started playing last night,and i regularly check my opponents loadouts whilst in the pre game lobby just to get a feel for what kind of plays I'm going to encounter. So far I've only seen a couple of purple sniper users, which have all been the BP reward snipers, otherwise its been common weapons across the board. In terms of skill I haven't felt particularly outmatched either. I feel like if what you say is true my lobbies would generally look a lot different?
  10. Vikvendi

    Mortars an recoil

    @wolny slimak Yeah the apparent lack of recoil compensation did baffle me somewhat due to the lack of attachments etc in game. It seems odd to me that guns basically have to be fired single or sprayed point blank, there seems to be no middle ground,unless you spend half your match in prone...which creates an entirely different set of issues. RNG gunfight shouldn't be a thing in any competitive shooter.
  11. Vikvendi

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    @ArachnidOverlord Yup, 100% my dude. Alas we're veering somewhat off topic here though....so big thumbs up to attachments, hopefully this gets reconsidered in the future even if the devs are not open to the idea currently!
  12. Vikvendi

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    @ArachnidOverlord Honestly, I couldn't comment on that. I'm new to this particular game so my feedback is based on a newcomers feedback, my initial impression of this game has been quite good but I do find the weapons rather clunky to use. As for monetary incentivisation, I get why they do it. It's the same with game industry as a whole, they're businesses first and foremost at the end of the day. There are certainly ways to make a lot of money, I'm not gonna sit here and tell the developers how to run their business model but making games essentially pay to win inevitably gives them a short shelf life in most cases. *shrugs*
  13. Vikvendi

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    I can understand a concern regarding balance, its a delicate matter in any game. However some of the in game guns are actually god awful, heavy recoil and any attempt to maintain sustained accuracy is literally impossible. Even implementing a small set of attachments with fairly low benefits would be an improvement, i think the ability to craft sights would vastly improve this game overall though.