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  1. None of the encounters are loading. Fix it prix...
  2. c00ster

    Season 8 Theme

    @onemanwolfp4k 99.99% of the guns aren't sniper rifles and you'll notice that even the sniper(ish) rifles don't really have modern sniper scopes on them. If we entered the apocalypse today, it would probably be very hard to find much in the way of hi-tech weaponry because the never-ending radiation storms have a tendency of destroying delicate electronics. Just food for thought...
  3. c00ster

    Glitch on season 1 battle pass.

    You probably won't get any. There is a post somewhere stating that there are 3 scenarios involving the season 1 battle pass. If you have been playing and got them in season 1 (or whenever) they claim you already got them in the past seasons and theyre going to be stingy and not give them to you again. Pretty stupid huh!?
  4. The biggest benefit to a post-apocalyptic world is that there is no government DICTATING what you do. If you want to carry 5000 signal detectors (for example), nobody is going to stop you. WHY do these game devs keep instituting ridiculous fascist limits on the players? First it was "dead hand", dropping mortars on people hiding in bushes, NOW it's caps on the number of certain items you can carry into encounters. I guess that's what we get when the game developers are as ignorant as the kindergartners playing the game and crying all the time. These idiots who keep crying about how other people play the game are the REAL problem with Vigor. Bunch of F'n commies...
  5. BadButtman First of all, if there are crows in bushes when you walk by them, they WILL fly off and make noises in real life. Don't you have crows where you live? Crows are notorious for signaling when predators are approaching. The crows aren't warning the approaching person you are there (though it does serve that purpose too), they are actually warning you that someone is coming. It's YOU who has no concept of 'reality' if you think in a real-world situation that people WON'T be hiding in bushes. People who go all-out Rambo are the first ones killed 'IN REAL LIFE'.......In a world where it is kill or be killed, snipers will rule. 2nd, IRL, if you had ONE signal detector, it wouldn't vanish after using it so you wouldn't need to carry 10 of them. It's also none of your business how much of what items people want to pack with them. If you wanna pack your whole bag with signal detectors, it leaves you less room for anything else- your choice. But then, you sound like another f'n communist and it is obvious the people running the game are commie bastards too.
  6. c00ster

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    I know there was a lucky lighter bug a couple of versions ago, because it was the only one that nobody had found up to that point. I also found the lucky lighter on Fiske, in one of the locations where the Fiskeri lighter was supposed to be according to all the people that had found it. I did recently find the Fiskeri lighter in one of the places where it should be (on top of the 2nd floor lockers). I have now completed all of my collections (Trolls, Lighters and Vinyls), waiting for the next collection to come out.
  7. c00ster

    1st person view

    I want the option for 1st person view, like virtually every other game offers. The thing I HATE the most about this game is that it's from 3rd person perspective and shit that shouldn't be blocking my vision is ALWAYS blocking my vision. If I am standing in front of a tree, I shouldn't have to look around it and I shouldn't have to look through my scope to see what is actually in front of me instead of behind me or off to the side. If you can offer 1st person through a scope, you can do the same for regular gameplay. I love the graphics and obstacles in the game, but they shouldn't be blocking your view if they aren't in front of your face! It's one thing to be in the middle of a bush and have branches blocking your view, but when you're out in the open where some other player can see you plain as day, but a tree that is behind you makes it so you can't see them, THAT is BS.
  8. c00ster

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    On the subject of Fiske Encounter bugs, have any of you been able to find the Fiskeri lighter? Before last season (6.0), I was only a few lighters away from completing the collection. Because I still needed a few different lighters, I didn't dedicate a lot of time to any one of them specifically because I didn't realize that Fiske Fabrikk would be removed. This season (7.0), Fiske is back, so I dedicated 90% of my time looking for the lighters on the Fiske Fabrikk encounter and since finding the tomato lighter, I have spent 100% of my time there looking for the Fiskeri lighter, which is the only one I have yet to find. It has not been there or on any of the players I have looted, so I am thinking there is another lighter glitch, like there was with the Lucky Lighter. If anyone has found the Fiskeri Lighter this build, could you please let me know?
  9. c00ster

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    I have noticed a couple of times when you get to the end screen of an encounter, where it shows you what you gathered in the encounter, that things were missing. For instance, I knew I gathered a bunch of 'chemicals', but when I looked at the tally on the screen, it only showed some of the things I got in the encounter. It appears that there are 2 methods of gathering that it scores like looting and scavenging (?) and I think one of those didn't register during the gameplay, because I did have some of the items listed, but not all of them (none of the chemicals I scavenged). I also had a time when I killed 2 players, but at the end only credited for one- but I knew I killed both because I looted them. There are definitely some bugs in this game.
  10. c00ster

    Fiskeri Lighter

    Did the Fiskeri lighter get deleted or something? I have been trying to find that lighter at the factory on the Fiske Fabrikk encounter for months and when you removed the encounter last season, I thought it would be impossible. Now that it is back, I have played that encounter over 100 times and the lighter is nowhere to be found. It's never in the factory or on any of the people I shoot and loot. I was told there was a glitch with the Lucky Lighter, so I am wondering if the Fiskeri Lighter may have a glitch too? I have found the Lucky Lighter at the factory a few times, is it possible that the wrong lighter is popping up where the Fiskeri Lighter should be? I know finding lighters is hit and miss, but as many times as I have searched for this specific lighter, it feels like something must be broken.
  11. c00ster

    Fisker Lighter

    Has anyone found this lighter since they brought the encounter back? I have looked throughout the factory a hundred times now and it isn't ever there, even when I am the first to get there. Ironically, I have found the "lucky" lighter about 15 times now: 3 times in the factory where I thought I might find the Fisker lighter. I also can't seem to find the tomato one, which is supposed to be common. Just wondering if anyone has found those lighters since the new season started? Or am I just wasting my time, because the devs turned it off or something? UPDATE: Found the tomato lighter. Guessing the Fisker lighter is missing in action. I have searched the factory high and low and it's never there. Has anyone found it outside of the factory?
  12. And, like I said, I agree with the point- exit camping is lame. However, they are usually screwing themselves if all they do is hide every game.
  13. I agree with your point, but disagree they "need to do " anything about it. If this is supposed to be at all realistic (much as it could be, I guess) then everyone should just expect someone is waiting at the exit. Perhaps people ought to just give portable signal detectors more importance and check them before exiting? I can't stand it when developers change a game, making it LESS realistic, when the goal should always be to make it MORE realistic. If this was a real world scenario, you can bet there will always be someone "camping" at every bottleneck, waiting for someone to pass through. The devs made it way harder to gather loot and then basically took away the only other options to get it. Obviously, we now live in a world where everyone is a "protestor" trying to get 'government' to mandate everyone else's actions to coddle those who foolishly think life is supposed to be "fair". Newsflash: Life isn't, nor ever HAS been "fair". There is always someone working hard for what they get in life and people who want everything handed to them for doing nothing but bitching about everything.
  14. c00ster

    Fix your damned servers

    Since I came here to complain about the constant crashing, I thought I would come back and say thank you for finally fixing the issue. Still crashes periodically, but WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than it was before. Good job guys!
  15. c00ster

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    By the way, I do not recommend everyone stupidly blowing their money on this game like I was. I didn't really intend to spend so much, but that $49.99 every few days adds up quick! I'm going on a Vigor diet. I'm not spending any more money at all until the next season and ONLY if they get rid of that camper crush shit.