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  1. c00ster

    Wind Turbine

    I was always a PS player from the time I graduated from Nintendo to the new stuff. Back in the day, I used to envy people with xbox because I thought the games were better. I should have done some review research before I bought the new xbox because I seriously think I would have liked the PS4 much better. I hate the xbox controllers. I'm curious, is ALL online gaming so crappy? Loading issues, server issues, etc.- or is that all just xbox?
  2. c00ster

    Wind Turbine

    sorry, I haven't been back here in awhile because (obviously) it is pointless. Now I am so frustrated with the game because it won't let me config my controller. I absolutely hate the setup on my xbox controller for vigor. The joy sticks are a pain in the ass. Try to run and the Y stick tends to fail when I am being shot at and trying to run for cover- just sits there like a retard waiting to absorb full clips. Even worse, every time I get into a close encounter with another player, my aim stick constantly puts it in scope mode and gets me killed. I want to be able to config my own controller or at least be able to turn off the f'n scope so it doesn't pop on every time I try to aim' It's not the controller, because it works fantastic every other game I play. Controller config should be an option on every single game. I should be able to set up my controller to work how I want it to, not just adjust sensitivity, which is basically BS too on this game.
  3. c00ster

    Controller Config (LS for sprint sux)

    and STILL waiting for an answer as to why I can't build the wind turbine......................................................
  4. I absolutely hate the sprint/run function on the xbox1 controllers. The LS on the controllers are too limp (brand new controller) to handle your need to run fast when you absolutely have to. Whenever I have someone shooting at me that I can't see, I try to run away and the goddamned thing won't run when I want it to. I tried changing the setting from toggle to push and the weakass controller won't even do that when you want it to because the pads they put under the sticks are weak straight out of the box. I kind of feel like the problem is the location of the LS on the controller- bad design that has never been fixed. I've looked online and there are a million complaints about the design and quality of the high-priced junk xbox is putting out. No surprise though, Microsoft has become famous for their crap products. ANYWAY, beyond the rant, if the option for controller config is not going to be a thing, perhaps another LS option that allows you control the speed of your run by how far you move the stick? Slightly forward on the LS is 'jog', all the way forward is full run? The current 2 button options make me want to throw the controller through the wall!
  5. c00ster

    Wind Turbine

    Yeah, I guess the only way to get their attention is when people quit paying to play their game. I've already spent a few hundred for crowns in the month I have been playing, but screw them if they aren't even going to acknowledge people. I am already figuring out that this game is going to be lame after awhile. I've already max-built my lodge, gathering resources seems pointless, especially if the game won't let you use them on things like the turbine and generator. But even then, what is the whole point? Same encounters over and over again, I can't do any more modifications to my lodge- can't even play the video game that is upstairs. And what's the point of the Rubik's Cube? The more I play this game, the more redundant and pointless it becomes.
  6. c00ster


    Is there any support for this game? I see a lot of unanswered questions in this forum. I have a suggestion....provide support... For example, tell me why I can't build the wind turbine despite having all the necessary resources!
  7. c00ster

    Wind Turbine

    I have seen a few places where people are looking for answers about why we can't build the wind turbine, even having all the required resources. I have not seen an answer to any of them yet. I am having the same issue. Do you have to build the generator first? If not, I think the game is broken. I have 3x the amount of wire required to build the wind turbine and it is still grayed out.
  8. c00ster

    cannot build generator or wind turbine

    Is there any support for this game? I am also trying to find out why I cannot build the wind turbine, while having the necessary supplies.