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  1. Oh crap ... I made this yesterday in the Notepad, (matched the coords for the get in wp) loaded the mission, but didn't work. Now I did it again with your method in the editor and works fine! Thank you zwobot! I'm really grateful!
  2. Thank you for your answer! I forget to mention the boat is empty. So the Player is board as the driver, Guy1 the passenger and I want this at the car too. I made a mission, if you try it, you can see the bug:
  3. Hi Everybody! I making a mission and I have a "small", but very-very annoying bug. Here is the problem: The Player and Guy1 (they are not in group, totally independent from each other) board in a boat, ride to the destination. I put here a Transport Unload and a Get Out wp with sync, it's work fine. After that I want to the Player get in a car as a driver and Guy1 get in as a passenger. I made a Get In wp (on the car) and then a Load wp (near the prev. wp) for the Player, and a Get In wp for Guy1 (Player Load and Guy1 Get In is synced). But Guy1 run back to the boat and board as driver. I tried to remove the Load wp and modify the Get In to Load wp, but have the same bug. If I remove the boat and put them near the car, everything works fine. I tried lock the boat, but Guy1 still can use it, tried the assignascargo, moveincargo commands, but not works. Please if you have any idea, help me. Thanks!