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  1. I am about to create about 400 bots with GHST's Enemy Assault mission. However, as you know, it is very difficult without a headless client. So I'm asking a question. Is it included? If not, how do I include it and activate it? (I see the init_hc file, but I'm not sure if it actually works.)
  2. I plan to open an Altis server with a maximum of 20 players and about 400 bots(maximum) being created with Ryzen 3600 and 16 gigabytes of RAM.(server computer) But people recommended i5-9600KF. What should I choose to get better server performance? and is it possible to satisfy these conditions sufficiently with the above CPU? If not, which CPU satisfies the above conditions?
  3. For example, I want to play music called Action Dark through a trigger with PlayMusic in my MPmission. and all clients will listen to this theme music. Is there any copyright problem? Also, is there any problem when applying the DLC theme?