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  1. Essrog

    Changelog 2.2

    I've noticed that ammo only disappears when your inventory is full. You don't loose the ammo in your weapons if you leave space in your inventory for it to slip into.
  2. Essrog

    Changelog 2.2

    What does RFL, PST, and UNA stand for?
  3. Essrog

    Thoughts on 3.0

    I was also really irked when they changed how prone worked. Now, since the update, I've noticed your whole body moves when you aim no matter what stance you are in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a bug and not an intended change. The ability to lie still while looking around and angle your body for the best concealment was what sold me on this game in early access. I'll be done Vigor if that feature has been removed for good.
  4. My avatar's whole body has started swiveling in place when I try to aim, instead of staying oriented and just moving the weapon. I'm playing on an xbox one.