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  1. Found the solution. Downgrade worked with Arma3Legacy196
  2. My old man scenario save gaves cannot be loaded anymore after the new update 1.98. Is there a way to downgrade Arma 3 to the previous version? Using the beta access with the code "Arma3Legacy194" did not work for me. Is there some other way to finish the old scenario?
  3. tomthetank

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Can anyone point me to instructions how to back up / continue playing with the old version? I believe I'm close to the end of the mission and just lost the ability to play due to the update making savegaves not work anymore.
  4. tomthetank

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I had a bug in the "install virus" task. I described it in a basic way in this thread as I initially thought I was doing something wrong. let me know if you need more details or a savegame.
  5. tomthetank

    Stuck in Old Man mission ***spoilers***

    I have succeeded now. Must have been a bug as re-starting from an earlier save failed once but worked the 3rd time. When I restarted a 3rd time, the task description changed to infiltrate a base and connect to a computer already when I picked up the flash drive at the RV. In the 1st and 2nd attempt, the description of the task did not change when picking up the drive. I was able to connect the drive to the computer but it didn't let me re-start. The only difference between attempts 1and 2 vs 3 was that I already had a CSAT Officer ID card with me when picking up the flash drive in attempt 3.
  6. tomthetank

    Stuck in Old Man mission ***spoilers***

    It get's worse. I took the CSAT base indicated by Miller and there's ony a screen which you can use to get intel but there's not computer itself. Any advice? Addition: I've now also reloaded an old save and put the flash drive into another computer. Again, no success, just Miller calling me asking how the upload is going and nothing after that.