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  1. VirtualFia

    Season Pass 4

    Good job with season 4, really enjoying it so far, especially Islands , really well done.
  2. VirtualFia

    Season Pass comments and musings

    Some thoughts on Season 3 from a casual player point of view. Did I purchase Season 3 pass : Yes Do I think the Season 3 pass was worth it: Yes Did I get to level 50 without additional crowns : No Why Not: Simply ran out of time Will I purchase Season 4 pass : unsure at the moment. I assume most folks that purchase the season pass want to get to the cap by the end of the season. I'm a casual player, I don't play Vigor exclusively, I really enjoy the game "but" if purchasing the season pass and not being able to get to the level cap by the end of the season (with my available game time) is a trend then I'm not sure I'll be purchasing any more season passes. One thing I've noticed during season 3, from the moment I select to enter the "Encounter" up to the point of entering the game (initial map screen) a fair amount of time was spent "waiting", there have been allot of "timeout" errors when trying to enter encounters this season. (It's not my internet connection btw) I recorded some of my own game stats over 170 encounters from lvl 42 - 47. For these examples "Queue Time" starts from the moment I select to enter the "Encounter" up to the point I enter the game with the initial map screen, so the time it takes "preparing server" + "lobby time" + "additional time" (if i get the "timeout to server" error and have to restart the encounter). Even removing the lobby time its still about 15% - 20% of time was spent "waiting", what does this mean to me, less encounters played, less time leveling up and less loot gathered over the duration of the season. Level XP Required Encounters Played Queue Time Play Time Ave XP Per Enc Avg Encounter Time 42 57300 27 01:55 05:25 2165 12:02 43 60300 26 01:25 05:13 2273 12:02 44 63300 28 00:46 05:15 2200 11:15 45 66400 32 01:21 05:34 2040 10:26 46 69500 28 01:15 04:47 2300 10:15 47 72000 30 01:25 05:07 2300 10:14 Why do i bother to post this, i guess i'm highlighting that season 3, while enjoyable overall , did suffer from allot of timeout errors that ultimately ate into a fair chunk of in-game time. Ending on a positive note, i think the game is great and look forward to future improvements.
  3. VirtualFia

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Here's a question about 3.2, has anyone found a "Red Chest" yet? https://vigorgame.com/news/update32 "You might have noticed some Red Chests appeared. The boxes contain the Box of Valuables – the same as the Air Drop. If you dare, you may pick it up and take it to the exit. Keep in mind that the box is tracked the same way Air Drop crates are. This should add some thrill and decisions to looting as well."
  4. VirtualFia

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Very constructive feedback in the comments above, I agree going from one extreme, with to many guns in barred house, to the other extreme with no guns was a mistake, some middle ground would be best. Also there should be an official post from Vigor about the broken shootout, an entire game mode that is broken should be prioritized and fixed, at least acknowledge the problem exists and is being worked on.
  5. VirtualFia

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    In this patch did you remove weapons from the barred house safe?
  6. VirtualFia

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Thanks for the reply, the issues i was referring to were related to shootout, will let you know if i find anything in the encounters, I really enjoy the game, so keep up the good work 🙂
  7. VirtualFia

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Lots of bugs since 3.2..ShootOut completely broken