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  1. I've recently undertaking a bit of a challenge(I'm new to scripting, but getting the hang of it as I practice), and I have been wanting to script an SCP 096 like scenario. I'm sitting in the Virtual Reality world to set up an SCP 096 character, and am having trouble with some scripts. I'd much rather see if the player has seen this unit's(in this case my poor example of 096's) face/head. I would like the detection(script: player distance SCP > 10; player targetKnowledge SCP select 2 > 0; ) to reset faster as well. Just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, or perhaps alternative ways of accomplishing this goal.
  2. I'm having an issue with players doing the dumbest things while I am "setting the mood". It's a simple helo insertion, and I don't want them to be able to get out of this helicopter in any way shape or form until it lands and ejects them out. Some scripts only manage to prevent them from getting out of the helicopter, but the eject function works just fine. I'm fairly new to scripting and it is likely an error on my side, but I haven't been able to stop them. I figured a way to solve this would to set them all as hostages to be released until the transport unload waypoint is complete, but I don't have the scripting knowledge to do it. How would I do this? If it's a really simple fix, I apologize for my stupidity. I like ambiance, but players doing suicidal things like this I want to desperately avoid.