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  1. They are being massive cunts...I've only copy-pasted a part of the config file, without CfgvehicleClasses and CfgPatches. But here is everything for a single crate. model = "\A3\weapons_F\AmmoBoxes\WpnsBox_F"; is copy-pasted from config viewer in the editor.
  2. I went on to write 16 more crates for the second mission, and suddenly...problems. The crates show up in game, no error messages, with the desired content inside. But the crates are invisible. You can only see their shadow? I ran out of ideas on how to fix this. model=? example of a single crate:
  3. I went on to write all 5 crates without any problems.
  4. Yep, also in class transportMagazines I've replaced name with magazine and now it all works. Thank you very much for you time and patience. And others
  5. Oh I'll rather use your mathod 😄 becouse it works. Last problem with this is that class TransportMagazines and class TransportWeapons don't show in crate. Items from class TransportBackpacks and class TransportItems are inside. When selecting the crate in editor a message pops up: No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgVehicles/WoB_BasicAmmoCrate/TransportWeapons/_xx_arifle_MX_F.weapon'.
  6. I made a mod that only contains config.cpp with this inside: The crate shows up in editor but the content of WoB BasicAmmoCrate is still the same as Box_Syndicate_Ammo_F.
  7. Understood. Do you have any idea why in-game, the content of the new crate is the same as the original? My changes to the inventory are not applied
  8. The mission uses ACE, RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSSAF,TFR and some other mods...to be honest, I am not sure which addons I can remove... And keep in mind the content of the crate is not final. This is just for learning purposes.
  9. So, to get six crates I jus copy-paste this in the same config five more times and modify the details? It is showing up in-game. However the content of the crate has not been changed, compared to the original. I've added the display name as you suggested. Below is the latest version of config.cpp
  10. Hello again, I went through EOs template and did my best. This is the result: class CfgPatches { class WoB_B_AmmoCrate { requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Characters_F_Enoch", "A3_Characters_F", "rhs_c_troops", "rhs_cti_insurgents", "rhsgref_c_troops", "rhssaf_c_troops", "A3_Sounds_F", "A3_Sounds_F_Exp", "ace_gforces", "ace_goggles", "ace_interaction", "ace_movement", "ace_medical_feedback", "A3_Data_F", "A3_Data_F_Curator", "A3_Air_F_Heli", "ace_thermals", "zen_attributes", "task_force_radio_items", "ace_refuel", "AlkFrameWork_Default_UI", "cba_xeh", "rhssaf_c_vehicles", "rhs_c_a2port_car", "rhs_c_vehiclesounds", "rhsgref_c_vehicles_ret", "ace_compat_rhs_afrf3", "A3_Soft_F_Offroad_01", "A3_Soft_F", "A3_Soft_F_Gamma_Hatchback_01", "A3_Soft_F_Exp_Offroad_02", "A3_Data_F_ParticleEffects", "ace_cargo", "A3_Armor_F_Beta", "A3_Soft_F_Beta_Truck_01", "A3_Soft_F_Beta_Truck_02", "A3_Soft_F_Gamma_Truck_01", "A3_Soft_F_Gamma_Van_01", "A3_Soft_F_EPC_Truck_03", "A3_Soft_F_Orange_Van_02", "rhs_c_zil131", "rhs_c_kamaz", "rhs_c_kraz255", "rhs_c_rva", "rhsusf_c_Caiman", "rhsusf_c_fmtv", "rhsusf_c_HEMTT_A4", "rhsusf_c_himars", "rhsusf_c_mtvr", "ace_repair" }; requiredVersion=0.1; units[]= { "WoB_B_AmmoCrate" }; weapons[]={}; }; } class CfgvehicleClasses { class WoB_B_AmmoCrate { displayName="CRO93_Basic Ammo"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Box_Syndicate_Ammo_F; class WoB_B_AmmoCrate: Box_Syndicate_Ammo_F { author = "mzgr"; class TransportItems { class _xx_V_TacChestrig_cbr_F { count = 3; name = "V_TacChestrig_cbr_F"; }; }; }; }; Am I going in the right direction? If I pack this up in a PBO, do I need the 3d model files inside...or anything else? Googling these problems did not help much... Also, I actually need 6 crates, but started just with one in order to simplify the learnig process...
  11. Thank you for your replys...I will get back to you with answers soon. I am ashamed to admit it, but I actually thought, to write that, was all I needed to do.
  12. Hello, I am trying to create a crate with specific items inside. It was suggested to me to: - create an entry to CfgVehicles - inherit from the desired crate - add and edit content So, I've read about how to do that and this is the result of my first attempt to write any code: class CfgVehicles { class Box_Syndicate_Ammo_F; class WoB_B_AmmoCrate: Box_Syndicate_Ammo_F { author = "mzgr"; class TransportItems { class _xx_V_TacChestrig_cbr_F { count = 3; name = "V_TacChestrig_cbr_F"; }; }; }; }; My problem is: A) I am getting an error missing ; while local executing in the debug console and B) Even if the code was correct, I don't know hwo to apply it /where to put it. Any help would be much appreciated
  13. Is there a way to expand this to other gear like backpacks, vests, helmets, optics?
  14. Hi, finnaly found the thing that was blocking the script, thank you very much for your help @Harzach
  15. I dont think renaming is the problem. This script worked on ATV's, once I changed the ATV object type in attributes into UAZ, it stopped working. All variable names stayed the same