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  1. Is there a way to expand this to other gear like backpacks, vests, helmets, optics?
  2. Hi, finnaly found the thing that was blocking the script, thank you very much for your help @Harzach
  3. I dont think renaming is the problem. This script worked on ATV's, once I changed the ATV object type in attributes into UAZ, it stopped working. All variable names stayed the same
  4. ''Use that as your argument.'' I never wrote a script, so this is exactly what I need help on.
  5. Hello again, I need to change this last scipt to teleport into a car UAZ 3151 from RHS AFRF (rhs_uaz_vdv) instead of a quad. It was suggested to me to: However, this advice is not enough to help a person with my level of scripting knowledge. All my attempts so far have failed. So, RCA3 if you have the time to jump to the rescue once again that'd be awsome...
  6. Thanks man, that was a lot simpler then what i imagined it would be.
  7. this ejects everyone who is not east, is there a way to eject ONLY west? i know it might seem like a stupid question, but i need civilians to also be able to enter this vehicle and i cant have them switching sides from civilian to east with joinSilent becouse that will mess up triggers
  8. Hello again, first time I heard about eventHandlers was few days ago, so since then I've been reading about them a lot but still know a little. I've also read the instructions you wrote in the fn_artilleryRewardEH.sqf. I’ve applied stuff from my mission to fn_artilleryRewardEH.sqf by method of best guess with only one ATV (out of 6). The result is nothing. Everything works as before, nothing is broken but also nothing happens when the vehicle is destroyed. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but there is also no error messages. In my first couple of attempts I used to get a lot of them. I’m reuploading the file you sent me with the latest changes. Also I’ve written some of my own notes and dillemas in fn_artilleryRewardEH.sqf. If you have the time to take a look at it, that’d be amazing and it would also be another step towards restoring my faith in mankind. mission folder
  9. in the mean time, this might help...i expressed what i need abit clearer:
  10. oh i have faith, i'll start testing and get back to you. Thanks man!
  11. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunatly, this is not compatible with a important script that is already being used (it deals with teleports and respawns of vehicles) Here are more details and the mission itself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/04finddvceuszlt/mission and detail.7z?dl=0 If you have the patience to look at it, that'd be great...if not, still thank you for the effort.
  12. Hello, I am one step away from finishing my first mission. BLUEFOR vs OPFOR PvP. I’ve watched and read a few tutorials on the subject, but i can’t get this to work. These are the details: each side has 3 ATV’s. ATV_Alpha, ATV_Bravo and ATV_Charlie for BLUEFOR. ATV_One, ATV_Two and ATV_Three for OPFOR. If they get fully destroyed, they respawn after 10s. When a team destroys one of three enemy ATV’s, they get arty support for reward, for example 7 rounds. Destroyed ATV respawns. After that team uses those 7 rounds, they dont have arty support available any more. If that team again destroys any of three enemy ATV’s, they again get arty support with 7 rounds available. And so on and so on...forever. If a team does not use the 7 rounds available and they destroy another ATV, they still have the maximum 7 rounds or 9 or whatever. I managed to set it up with artillery support modules and tasks, but after the ATV is destroyed, and one barrage is fired, support remains available. Also, eventualy the support providing artillery runs out of ammo. I am using RHS american and russian artillery but i dont care about where are the rounds coming from i just want those 7 rounds to hit around the area that a player has marked. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. EDITED: i expressed what i need abit clearer here... i hope
  13. Well, it works like a charm! This is one big step towards completing the mission. Thank you very much man, oh and also thank you for the explanation, after i read it slowely few hundred more times maybe i will understand this magic 🙂
  14. and please, if you have enough patience, imagine you are explaining this to an idiot...
  15. Yes I did. I will give you some more information. I have 2 .sqf files. teleportMHQbluefor.sqf and teleportMHQopfor.sqf and each APC calls it's own in init. When i copy paste your code in each of them, i can still teleport from both APC with both factions. i also tried with a single file called teleport.sqf with your script. I changed APC init to: and for some reason i get the msg: script teleport.sqf not found ty