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  1. CryptoCandy4444

    Shooting Range

    I have the copies of the guns in my stash. I have the older ZAM76-15 I have the new -B93 Raffica-3 I have the new -M60E3-3 Those are in my stash but not listed in the shooting range. I was just letting you know its not a big deal to me since i cant and wont buy the BP anymore and am not playingas much, but just thought it might be a bug and maybe is it happening to anyone else.
  2. CryptoCandy4444

    Shooting Range

    FYI how come the new guns aren't in my shooting range? Do u have to buy the BP in order for them to show? I dnt have any of the new ones. I had asked about it about awhile back and never got any answers.
  3. CryptoCandy4444

    Armor Plate/ Signal Detector Blueprint Grind

    Good luck iv been playing Vigor for every season so far and i have finally got all but one plan. I haven't grinded as hard as you and i haven't bought the BPass every season cause its a waste of my money cause i never have finished to level 50. Theres so many players that are good and have a boatload of the good stuff and have been dominating the lobbies that as much as i try i wont ever get to their level. I am just plodding along and only play a few games cause i got to where its not even fun to play. Now they have the mortars killing campers or anyone standing for to long. I get killed by the good players or by the mortars. Anyway im alot older than anyone that probably plays so i can't keep up with u youngsters. When i started playing Vigor it was real chill and casual now its sweating and grinding and see who can shoot everyone and get the barred house, air drop and all the loot u can carry. So i wish you all the luck in Vigor. I dont know what Vigor is going to keep the game going when everyone gets their shelter done but im sure its going to be awesome. Keep grinding, looting, shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. CryptoCandy4444

    Rapidfire/modded controllers/strikepack

    Lets all get a strike pack. From what see on the internet they are awesome. LETS GO STRIKE PACK!!!!!!!!!
  5. CryptoCandy4444

    Encounters Matched with Level Discrepancy

    Wow i am glad that theres others that think the same as me. I know that im not going to buy another battle pass. I never finished or even close. It was fun while it lasted. I will never be the sweaty player that this game needs to keep it alive.
  6. CryptoCandy4444

    xp after level 50

    Since i started playing Vigor i have yet to make to level 35 let alone 50. I bought the first battle pass and the next 2 i won on Twitch watching a streamer. But i only made it further cause i used all my 25 crates this time. I seen several players with a massive amounts of crates they wont have to ever buy the BP with actual money just open a few of those thousands of crates in their stash. Oh and another thing my internet is the bare minimum. Another FYI
  7. CryptoCandy4444

    Improving the airdrop

    Heck i have watched a player shoot everyone in the game and get the AD, safe, timed safe, container and everything else he could get and ran to the exit smiling. That would be awesome if i could do that at least once. It on my bucket list.
  8. CryptoCandy4444

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    After reading all of these messages i see now that the players that sweat & grind 12+ hours are the money makers of the games because they are the ones buying the high priced crowns & shop in the high priced store, buy the battle pass. Now i see it just took me longer to see it cause iv only been watching online for only 4 years. Shut the front door!!!!!!!!
  9. CryptoCandy4444

    Level 75 loot malfunction

    I forgot to mention i was trying to complete my challenge with the signal dectector and i used 3 of my signal detectors and none of them worked at all. And last week i used 2 and they didn't work either because it didn't show anyone so i went for the drop and started running and got shot in the back. I know there are other obsticles that make it not work but i know that there was no other things activated at the time. Unless all the comms were all activated for the whole game. Just FYI. Or does the Signal detector challenge only work for the big one in game?
  10. CryptoCandy4444


    I understand and feel the same as a lot of the players that are new or just casual players about how the high level players come after the low level players and shoot u as soon as they can cause i guess we are easy targets. I think the match making could be better, like players at level 35 and above be in a match together and players at level 1-35 be in a match together. But im sure this wont happen just by the way that all the comments have been reacted to. I have been playing for awhile and. still am not good so i just need to get gud. I am probably uninstalling the game myself cause its not fun getting killed more times than i care to count. FYI im am a senior citizen with disabilities but it doesn't really matter i just didn't want you to guess how old i was.
  11. CryptoCandy4444

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    I have had this happen to me a couple times and it was so pleasant to see someone else playing the same as I do. Made the game great for a change.
  12. CryptoCandy4444

    The end is Nigh

    Old Ninja I understand what you mean. I'm older too and Vigor has changed a lot. I have played almost as long as its been out and I still haven't got my shelter maxed out yet and I never finish the battle pass so what is the use of me getting it when I'm lucky to get half way like 25 levels. I see a lot of the players have got there shelter maxed out have play all the levels of battle pass in a week and got truck loads of guns & resources that at the end of the season destroy cause they don't need anymore for their shelter. I'm not the run & gun and shoot everyone I liked it cause it was just chill back then. I like doing challenges but mine just keep resetting the time so one day its like 4 hours till a new challenge then the next day it says it's 19 hrs till my new challenge then the next day its back at 24 hrs. So I never get a new challenge. Then the challenges that you can't delete its been on there for like 2 seasons now. Well enough of my pity party. I'm just going to have to stop playing & uninstall instead of just talking about it. I used to play Pubg and buy the battle pass but I finally quit that and I have only played like 25 games this season. So I know I can quit Vigor too.
  13. CryptoCandy4444

    5 extra slots

    I don't know why some players need more slots, cause a Lot of players take like 200-300 ammo. But if you need more slots I can understand. I seen a screen Shot of several players that has had all of their slots filled with all portable signal detectors now how could someone pick up that many portable signal detectors I think they must have been cheating or something. There was like 80-90. So tell me how a player has that many in game with them. I just think that is suspicious.
  14. CryptoCandy4444

    suggestion for the future

    That would be a great idea. Thats what i liked about the game in the beginning. Now its who can kill the most & how much items u can have. Gun everyone down & take all the loot. I havent finished all my shelter improvements & a lot of others have finished their shelters & keep playing then destroyed enough resources to finish my shelter. Dont get me wrong they grind hard getting the items but there is just going way overboard on keeping that much just to destroy it when they reach level 50.I think when players reach level 50 & have their shelter complete they should just get points or something instead of hoarding all those resources to destroy later, thats. Just my opinion & im sure this will get alot of negativity. I just want to have fun playing again.
  15. CryptoCandy4444

    Latest Update

    To everyone that was from the beginning of Vigor I just believe that this game has become a total battle royal so aggressive and sweaty. Grinding for those numbers on those leader boards. I'm just going to close this game and never look back. I have never understood why that getting aggressive and sweaty in a video game, I guess I never will. I have only really got into Xbox One video games in the last 3 years or so and it has been fun, I should of stayed with my point & click games but wanted to broaden my horizons and play some other games now I know it wasn't such a good idea for me. Enough of the whining as some players call it. It is just my gameplay. Have fun to all the ole gen 1 outlanders maybe will see you in another game that's more full filling for me/you.