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  1. CryptoCandy4444

    Latest Update

    To everyone that was from the beginning of Vigor I just believe that this game has become a total battle royal so aggressive and sweaty. Grinding for those numbers on those leader boards. I'm just going to close this game and never look back. I have never understood why that getting aggressive and sweaty in a video game, I guess I never will. I have only really got into Xbox One video games in the last 3 years or so and it has been fun, I should of stayed with my point & click games but wanted to broaden my horizons and play some other games now I know it wasn't such a good idea for me. Enough of the whining as some players call it. It is just my gameplay. Have fun to all the ole gen 1 outlanders maybe will see you in another game that's more full filling for me/you.
  2. CryptoCandy4444

    Iodine, arguable the most powerful consumable coming soon

    Wow I want to be in the getting more loot. I could use the extra goodies. Ya I heard about the sketchiness of the players that are boosting the crates/loot and really getting a lot of loot for doing it. That's why they have all the hard to get items and get all the crates just about the hole time their playing. I would be doing a lot better with my inventory if I had some help. But I will just keep camping and trying to hide till someone finds me and shoots me in the head while I'm trying to run away without any caffeine. I'm still plodding along hopefully one of these days get to make a detector or a transmitter, or even finish with my shelter. Don't take this as me whining I'm just stating the facts of my gameplay. I just wish we could all get along and stop the cheating and enjoy this game like it was when I first started playing. Maybe I will see you some day in the lobby before I gotta run and hide. Have a great day
  3. CryptoCandy4444

    Teaming in solos

    Where am I suppose to report teaming in a Solo match on Sun Apr 12 2020. I reported it on my Xbox one but I thought there was a place on Vigor to report it. CryptoCandy4444
  4. CryptoCandy4444

    Teaming in solo will ruin this game. period.

    Yes this teaming in solos has really done me in. When I first started playing it was fun & enjoyable but now it makes me ill. I thought there would be a stop to it but I really believe that the more I complain the worse it gets. When I was younger I remember playing games single player without the internet. It's really sad to see being older and seeing all of these players being so toxic and disrespectful. I'm a older grandma and I would like to enjoy playing these games but it is not going to happen in my lifetime. I have learned my lesson. I will just stick to the games where I don't have to worry about teaming at all. Save my battle pass money for something not so toxic.
  5. CryptoCandy4444

    Where's it headed?

    Well congratulations to everyone that grinded ur butts off to finish the battle pass. I didn't even get close. I got some of the shelter upgades but some i didnt get at all. But i believe is cause i started gaming about 2yrs ago and im still trying to get my shooting\aim on spot. Cause. Im always getting mowed down by those people that play pro\sweaty. Id like to keep playing but i have lost the fun in trying to play and getting mowed down. Well everyone enjoy the game & keep up grinding ur butt off. I like the game but there is things that need fixed\implemented and the only way it will work is if you all listen to each other & work together. Go getum Outlanders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!