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  1. Ryvoan

    Changelog 2.2

    Bring back map selection, sometimes you just want to be able to chill out in your favorite map, surely there are better things you can fix in the game, like having a high level .45 acp smg that can compete with the ADR or stopping the slow aiming animations, or balancing the accuracy (Bullet spread) of all weapons to make them usable? This game showed so much promise don't mess it up now
  2. There is an annoying glitch with the 3rd person animation where you begin to aim your weapon, the rifle points at anything from 90 to 180 degrees from the direction you're aiming and slowly moves into position and will not fire until in position. It's gotten me killed so many times now it's starting to make me sick of playing the game.
  3. Ryvoan

    Ammo lost

    I seem to lose any ammo I have loaded in my weapon at the end of an encounter, this happens most times if I find the weapon and ammo in the encounter, it also happens randomly leaving any encounter and is very common if I find the buried cache. Just today in about 5 runs I lost approximately 200 rounds.
  4. Ryvoan

    Changelog 2.1

    Loot runs are soul destroying now that fake buried caches have been included, every time you find one you build your hopes up only to have them dashed by finding nothing, it's made an enjoyable grind properly miserable. I'm all for a bit of gunplay but it was sometimes nice just to avoid combat and still make looting worthwhile with a quick hunt for the buried treasure 😉
  5. Ryvoan

    Campers must be stopped

    Camping in game (as in life) is a viable survival strategy, find a counter strategy or don't go into dangerous areas.
  6. Ryvoan

    No connection to cloud

    reset the game, everything hunkydory now 👍
  7. Ryvoan

    No connection to cloud

    Same here, been trying for a couple of hours