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  1. Vector595

    Ogv problem

    I never saw such a thing either but ill try this, thanks for help
  2. Vector595

    Ogv problem

    In the video are many fade in and fade out effects, in the cuts between the scenes have a few seconds of black screen example: at the beginning there is a calm music and the scenes come in slightly in and the game just skips that part, I think the game doesn't allow parts with only audio (My english is rusty but I think you can understand)
  3. Vector595

    Ogv problem

    the black screens are in the video
  4. when I use "BIS_fnc_playVideo" the sound of the video remains the same but the game skips the black screens of the video, Any solution??
  5. Vector595


    when I use "BIS_fnc_playVideo" the video is out of sync and the video looks perfect when I play out of game ... better ??
  6. Vector595


    when i play a video on arma 3 it gets totally out of sync the video looks go faster than audio