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  1. Thank you for your feedback L.K! I am happy you are enjoying Everon 1995. I am willing to work on updates for the campaign, I plan the next big one to be done by the end of the year, then I am going to start work on part 2 of the Nostalgia Project. You can send me your suggestions in a private message.
  2. I play tested Everon 1995 on both cadet and veteran mode, and yeah it is harder to control aircraft with veteran mode. For now I am working on a new update for Everon 1995. I do have the storyline written out for part two of the nostalgia project, but I won't say more for now 😉 You can private message me with the suggestions, I would like the forum thread to be as spoiler free as possible for people who have yet to play my campaign.
  3. SPOILER WARNING! Thank you for letting me know KZMW. I will reach out to him when I can! SPOILER WARNING! Thank you for your feedback KZMW, I am looking forward to hearing more you. Your feedback has been a big help for me in planning future updates for Everon 1995! 😊
  4. Good luck, I hope you like Everon 1995! 😊
  5. All I can say now is that yes, the story will be expanded in future updates. Spoiler Warning! Thank you for these kind words, I put a lot of time and effort into this campaign. Yes, more parts will be made after the final update to Everon 1995. I am planning on making the second part after New Year, so it should be out some time in 2021. About the weapon options, yes I am thinking of doing that in future updates, but not for every mission as that would mess with realism. I am very happy you like the cutscenes, I wanted to tell a interesting story, and a lot of work went into them! Let me know when you finish the campaign, KZMW, I think you will like the ending 😉
  6. Thank you for your feedback, KZMW! Some of the missions will be reworked in future versions. As I am a one man team my goal was to create a fully playable campaign, make it as bug free as possible, and then make it better, adding more and more stuff. There will definitely be 2-3 more updates for Everon 1995 depending on my free time. Yeah, I noticed you can do that with tanks, forgot about it when I was making the mission. A little tip, the later missions are more detailed, the few first ones, up to mission 8 have some issues as they were made after getting back into mission editing after a long break. Spoiler warning for anybody reading this reply! I hope you enjoy the rest of Everon 1995 KZMW, and I hope to see future feedback from you and anybody else playing my campaign 🙂
  7. Update : I have released a new update of Everon 1995, version 1.2. I fixed some bugs, spelling problems etc. Some issues like the too loud/quiet voices remain, they will be sorted out in future updates, for which I plan to re-record some voice lines. I hope the people who played my campaign enjoyed it, and to those who have yet to play it, have fun with version 1.2 🙂 Download link for version 1.2 is in the first post of the thread.
  8. Update : After 8 months of work, and many up and downs, version 1.0 of Everon 1995 has been released, the download link in in the first post. Thank you for your support, it really kept me motivated on working on this project, sometimes even up to 8 hours on a free day. Version 1.0 is not perfect, so there will be future updates, but it's fully playable and mostly bug free. I wish you a great and fun experience with this campaign 🙂 PS. If you have the time, could you please report any bugs you find in the campaign so I can fix them in future updates, thank you 🙂
  9. Update : Work on version 1.0 has been going a bit slow, as I was busy with a few other things. But now everything is going forward, and I can safely say version 1.0 will be released on the 1st of August.
  10. Yeah, I just noticed it looks pretty crap, will have to remake that screenshot in the next version lol Anyway, I got great news to anybody waiting for Everon 1995. Version 0.9 has been uploaded, the link is in the first post, under the section "Release." Have fun, and thank you for your patience. To be honest I thought it wouldn't take this long to make this campaign, but I believe it's better not to rush things, as they tend not to be that good. Just remember, version 0.9 is not as polished or detailed as version 1.0 will be, so try not to judge it too harshly. P.S. The first few missions might be a bit simplistic, but the further you go, the better the campaign gets.
  11. Update : Version 1.0 is still work in progress, mainly polishing stuff, fixing minor bugs, correcting spelling mistakes, adding more details etc. But I don't want to delay the release once again, so I decided to release version 0.9. It will be uploaded later today, or Friday by the latest. Version 0.9 is basically a less polished build of version 1.0, but it is fully playable. Version 1.0 with extras (Walkthrough, detailed readme, etc.) will be released sometime during the next two weeks.
  12. Update : Everon 1995 Beta version 0.8 is now uploaded. Anybody who wants to help me test the campaign, please send a private message and I will give you a link. Work on version 1.0 is continuing as planned :)
  13. Update : The campaign is nearly done! Version 1.0 will be released on the 1st of July. Before that, the beta version will be released in a limited manner. Anybody who wants to try the beta, please send me a private message and I will give you a link. The Beta Version should be uploaded next monday. The Beta Version will not be a public release due to the need for me to fully test it myself, and due to the fact of a few limitations that include : - No subtitles in cutscenes and missions (Only Radio and lines in Russian) - Too loud/too quiet voices and music - Possible bugs, too hard or easy missions - Less details then there will be in version 1.0 Keep this is mind if you do decide to send me a message about trying the beta. It would be great if somebody was interested in helping me test this campaign, but keep in mind the above issues. Some generic info about the campaign : There are 25 missions, about 20 stand alone cutscenes, and intro/outro for most missions. This campaign is very story driven, a bit movie-esque, the story line itself turned out to be even a bit anime-esque, meaning not always realistic. Most missions are pretty realistic military operations, but the story line - not so much. So yeah, there is a lot of sitting and watching cutscenes, but I have never been a fan of simplistic good guys vs bad guys shoot them up type campaigns. So if you like a good story and you don't mind listening to dialogues, then I think you will like Everon 1995. Here is the last promotional video for Everon 1995, a pre-release trailer, showing everything I could without spoiling the story, enjoy :) For years they have fought to be heard on Everon, but their voice was ignored. Now they will rise, and with them, war. The Last Awakening is about to begin, but will it be worth it? Russian dialogue traslation : - It has begun - What has begun, Vladimir Yevgenevich? - Our revenge, Dobarov.
  14. Update : Work is going well, only a few outro cutscenes to do left. The Beta version should be releasing pretty soon. Some time after that, when the campaign is polished enough, the full version will go live. For now I got a gift for everybody waiting :) A new trailer (This time I decided to give some love to the U.S. Army faction, and introduce a pretty important character.) : Colonel Bowman is a professional and highly skilled officer of the U.S. Army. A veteran of Operation Desert Storm, drill instructor and counter-insurgency specialist, he is a force to be reckoned with. Now, in 1995, he commands the U.S. Army forces on Everon. His goal is simple : Destroy the enemies of the United States, and bring peace back to the island.
  15. Update : Only one mission to make left, work on the campaign is going really well! In the meantime I made a new gameplay teaser for everybody waiting for Everon 1995 : Many would like the status quo on Everon to last, but that is simply impossible. War will erupt once again, and the price of victory will be high - This is the Final Fate!