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    I am 22 years old, born in a small town in Poland where i also currently reside. Lived in the UK for a few years as a child, still visit frequently.
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  1. UPDATE : The full trailer for EVERON 1995 has been released. Some small bits of the story are shown, some characters and some gameplay from a few missions from the campaign.
  2. I plan to release a beta version of the campaign some time from the end of February to the Middle of March. Version 1.0 will be released most likely some time at the end of March. But I will do everything in my power to make the beta version as playable as possible. I'm taking my time as I want the campaign to be as bug free as possible and not rushed. After the amount of buggy campaigns and missions I played, I want to avoid things like that in my project :) Meanwhile look out for the full trailer that should be released in about a week, max two weeks. It will show more of the story and some of the characters. And it will contain more gameplay from the campaign.
  3. Small Update : Work on EVERON 1995 is going well, the campaign is about 35-40% done. In February I plan to release a full trailer for the campaign. I will most likely release the Beta Version of the Campaign some time at the end of February or at the beginning of March. After sorting out potential issues and bugs version 1.0 will be released. I'm happy OFP/CWA is still alive, making this campaign is a lot of fun for me, and I hope people will like it. :) Added Some WIP pics from the campaign : Lieutenant Eric Tucker and Sergeant Bill Davis (From left to right), two of the most capable officers of the U.S. Army forces on Everon. As you can see they are surprised by something, what could that be? ;) Radovan Zavatsky (Center) and Anton Kotas (Left), two of the commanders of the local resistance movement (EIA). Both are veterans of the 1985 war, and in the case of Anton also the 1982 war on Nogova. Civilian Life in Saint Pierre on Everon in 1995. As you can see nothing much has changed since the 1980s, beside a more visible U.S. presence that has been growing since Guba's defeat in 1985. Russian Federation Armed Forces HQ on Kolgujev. Russia may be in a economic crisis after the fall of the USSR, but the 3rd Army on Kolgujev is still a capable fighting force to be reckoned with. There are however problems because of the situation in Russia, namely low morale and fuel and ammunition shortages that prevent the forces on Kolgujev from keeping all of their equipment up and running.
  4. Hello BiS forums, I am new on here, but have been playing Bohemia games since 2010. I have spent many hours in the mission editor over the years and made a few campaigns for ARMA 2 and Operation Flashpoint, but i never released them, and unfortunately they were lost when my computer got formatted. Anyway after all these years I feel I got enough skill in mission editing that I have decided to publicly release a campaign i am working on for ARMA : Cold War Assault. I don't know if anyone still plays the game, but its got a special place in my heart so i decided to make this campaign :) This campaign is part of a bigger project I am planning, the Flashpoint Nostalgia Project, its planned to be a trilogy of campaigns tying in to the stories of Cold War Crisis and Resistance. Anyway here is a bit of info on part one, the campaign I am working on : Title : EVERON 1995 Islands : Everon, Malden, Kolgujev (Cutscenes only) Player Side : West/Resistance Playable Characters : 5 (Infantry, Resistance Fighter, Spec-ops, Tank Commander, Pilot) Missions : 25 Full Voice Acting in English and Russian, depending on character (Made by me so may be a little amateur, but I'm trying my best) Custom Music Story Synopsis : EVERON 1995 takes place ten years after the events of 1985 : Cold War Crisis. After the defeat of General Guba and his renegade Soviet forces, Everon has been living peacefully under a joint administration with NATO forces. But this peace may not last as a group of people have a different vision for the future of Everon, a vision that could lead to war once again. EVERON 1995 does not feature clear cut good or bad guys, I am aiming for a grey morality. Every character has their reasons for the actions they take in the story, even if said actions are not always ethical. Its up to the player to decide who is right and who is wrong. This campaign also aims to show the reality and tragedy of war, and how it effects people. The story is also pretty original, I have not seen a similar story in any Campaigns for OFP/CWA i have played. Lets just say its not what is seems, but I won't spoil anything for now ;) Planned Release : Q1 2020 (Febuary at the earliest.) Here is a link to a little teaser I made for the campaign :) UPDATE : The full trailer for EVERON 1995 has been released :)