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    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Good morning whiztler. First of all I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the good work done in these missions and campaigns. It is very difficult to find missions and especially campaigns with this level of approach and quality that yours provide. I have tried to play the campaign with my clan, and it is spectacular, but we have encountered the problem that some enemy units are immortal, usually occurs in an isolated unit and especially happens with the units that are on patrol in the pickup of Pashtuns hovering outside important sectors that are approaching. It seems silly but this detail that some enemies are immortal destabilizes the mission as you could never imagine. I have done a test with the mission of day 2 and the same thing happens. When I encountered this problem I tried to edit the mission to see if I found the solution, but my knowledge of editing is very low or even null. I have also tried to put players as permanent IAS not as virtual to avoid problems if someone falls out of the game. Although this last problem does not matter. So if you can give me some clue why there are some isolated enemies that are immortal, I will try to correct them in order to continue the campaign, which really looks impressive. Regards. P.D: Sorry for the level of English, it's from Google Translate.