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  1. Matyas Csiha

    Mosin Nagant

    Yeah except in reality with that action you would eject on unspent cartridge...
  2. Matyas Csiha

    Mosin Nagant

    Please, when you're reloading the Mosin, after you put in the rounds and close the bolt, you don't need to open the bolt and close the bolt again to put a round in the chamber. Takes forever and not even realistic.
  3. Matyas Csiha

    M21 1st person issues

    I can confirm that.
  4. I found the picture for the burried treasure but it doesn't open up. It wont show the image. This happened now on multiple occasions...
  5. Matyas Csiha

    M21 1st person issues

    I don't know if it's in the encounter as well, but at the shooting range something is really wrong with the m21 in first person. Before the gun was accurate, now no matter how close or far you aim with the scope nothing hits. It wasn't like this before the last patch.
  6. Matyas Csiha

    Adding A.I. enemies to the map

    I agree with the game is already glitchy, buggy, therefore throwing AI stuff out there would be even more of a challenge for the devs. I also agree with needing more shelter improvements, maybe some new kinds of materials. But I do think the game would benefit a lot from an idea like this, it worked in Escape from Tarkov, which is a "similar" type game.
  7. Matyas Csiha

    These footsteps from behind

    Same. At further distances the footstep audio is lagging.
  8. Matyas Csiha

    Hit registration

    I'm sure this was brought up before, but man sometimes hits don't register especially when I'm close and using 1st person. Got 2 videos recently where it's clear that I hit the person, even the blood effect was there and no hit mark. Shot up the guy with a Thompson then a round of shotgun and at the end I died and he still had more than half of his hp left. Please work on this.
  9. Matyas Csiha

    Adding a less rural map.

    Agree! I've been thinking about this myself as well...
  10. Matyas Csiha

    Video memory

    Just got that same error... I have an Xbox One S as well but no other game I have had ever done this... Frustrating because I've brought some nice gear into the game and I lost it all...
  11. Sometimes the game bugs out and I can't jump or go crouch or prone for the rest of the encounter. It's really frustrating. Please fix.
  12. Matyas Csiha

    Crate confusion

    I'm confused why do I have the common bandage plan in my military and golden crate both. First of all I don't think that plan belongs to any of those crates. But it makes even less sense that it appears in both of the future crate unlocks... Could you guys please fix this?
  13. Matyas Csiha

    No weapon plans for sale!

    Fully agree with that!
  14. Matyas Csiha

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    They've been working on bugs and fixed a bunch of things. Yeah there's still a lot more to be fixed and it's far from perfect but they are working on it. I like the game and I'm willing to support them. I think 1.2 was a cool little update. You can disagree, but to say it's been nothing but nerfing is a little ignorant.
  15. Matyas Csiha

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    I've been playing the game a lot since August as well and I was able to save up a lot of crowns since then so that I was able to just buy crowns for five bucks to be able to get the 900 crowns battlepass. Once you have the battlepass, you earn your crowns back... Considering that the game is free and I like it to the degree that I play it almost every day, I really didn't mind paying $5 because the devs deserve it and they are making the game better constantly. I do have to say though that the crowns are a bit too pricey. If they would be cheaper I think a lot more people would be okay with spending some dollars here and there.