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  1. Tartansnake

    Vigor Partners, testing and roadmap.

    I agree having a test server for dedicated players is a good idea and (from my experience) provides some very useful feedback. Partners are good for advertising the game but aren't always the best for game feedback as they're previewing/promoting a version of the game, not testing.
  2. Tartansnake


    I agree, if this is the path they are taking (pvp focused) then I to also feel my time here may not be a long one. I love the fact it's not a battle royal and would like to see more incentives for the sneaky looting players.
  3. Tartansnake

    Over saturated Gun Economy

    Agree guns are to easy to come by. I usually try to stay out of trouble, only getting into gun fights to defend myself. Because of my play style I've amassed a decent arsenal, 10+ of some of the rare weapons and that's not including the parts to make more. I don't put huge hours into the game so those who do I'm guessing are overflowing. Not sure what the solution would be apart from turning down the gun parts or limiting how many you can craft in a given time. My first week playing I was very protective of my weapons, even going in empty handed just to gather loot. Now I have no fear of losing them as I have plenty at my shelter. Maybe we could trade them for some much need supplies or remove weapon parts for the rare weapons with the only way to obtain them is by finding the actual weapon (complete) or craft with the blueprint.
  4. Tartansnake

    Suggestion - Audible Notifications

    Would also like the text to stand out a wee bit more and stay on the screen longer. Maybe put a border around the text with an icon so you could see at a glance what the notification is for.
  5. Tartansnake

    Team Killers

    I had a mission to enter the outlands with random duo's 5 times, was an interesting experience. 1 run straight to the exit, guess they had the sane mission. 1 tried to kill me but I managed to get away. 2 wanted to be left alone but left me alone. But one (after we both ran separate ways) actually worked as a team. Cleared the safe sharing the loot then left picking up loot on the way out, maxed my backpack for the first time. Thank you random outlander 😀
  6. Tartansnake

    Constant Crashing Today

    Can't seem to stay in a game at the moment. All loads up, draps me into tge map, run a few metres and disconnected. Tried 5/6 times and dropped out each time. Did something happen or am I just unlucky? Will try again tomorrow.
  7. Tartansnake

    Suggestion - Exchange Materials for Resources

    Not sure who suggested this but I like the idea of a trader coming to the dock at the shelter. Just throwing ideas out: * Could come every 5 days so doesn't always fall on a weekend. * Items for trade change each vist. * Could have a side mission that gains a reward. (Short on foods so needs you to donate x amout before they leave) So combine the boat trader with ninja's is idea = winning 🙂
  8. Tartansnake

    is it a CoD or are we pushing this to become a sandbox playground?

    One things I've noticed in my short time playing is the variety in each play through. Occasionally I hear gunfire from pretty much the start till I leave and other times hardly hear anything. I try to stay out of sight as much as possible and only fighting to defend myself. I seem to find the polaroids often but my knowledge of the map is still poor so often just scout the land for future reference as I've found these to be the most lucrative things so far. Occasionally I try to interact with other outlanders but this is difficult with the limited emotes. I've seen proximity chat brought up a few times and think this would be and interesting addition to the game. At the moment most players shoot first and ask questions later, I'd like to see incentives for working together. After all, we're all try'n to survive. Maybe some challenges that require 2 players to complete, but watch your backs are they could still shoot you in the back once completed. I know some won't agree with this but this isn't a battle royal, it's about getting what you can and getting out. Another thing I've seen mentioned is the ability to drop/trade while in the outlands. I often have set item I'm after and will stay until I have them, if I lose what I have before I get these I'm not fussed as they're not what I'm after. Yes people could just shoot you and take what they want but trade could lead to some interesting encounters. I'm not a fan of battle royal games but I'm really enjoying Vigor and am interested to see how the game develops.
  9. Tartansnake

    Server wait times are killing the game

    While playing solo last night I noticed a duo in the pre game screen, thought it was a bug. Is it possible for duo's to join solo players?
  10. Tartansnake

    Server wait times are killing the game

    Also playing from Aus and have the same issue. My average wait time is 3-5 mins, my worst is 10 mins which has happened a few times. I'm still pretty new to the game and enjoying it so far but the wait time to join games it a bit of a drag. Not sure what the server minimum is but maybe could be reduced and load us into a smaller map, if random map is selected. I have noticed the longer wait times seem to have more populated maps, which is good, but not at the cost of less game time than I spend at my shelter.
  11. Tartansnake

    fertilizer some more times in safe?

    Who would keep fertiliser in a safe? 😉 Still learning the maps but I find fertiliser a lot around the world, especially the farm areas. Would prefer to see more of the rarer items.
  12. Tartansnake

    Hunters vs Gatherers

    Rather than have separate servers, why not add tools to the game that enhance each play style. Hunting is pretty straight forward, grab a gun and off you go. If you’re a gatherer, maybe some distraction tools. Let players throw stones or place sound boxes/fire crackers to distract other ourlanders. Also I feel a better in game communication system would be good. I’ve been jumping in with no items and try’n to interact with players in game, seeking them out and waving. Surprisingly I've been walking away from 50% of these encounters, I guess these player were just gathering. Would be great if there was proxi-chat or a non-verbal tool with text chat to enhance these meeting. On one occasion the outlander I met waved back, we both cleared a large area then headed of in separate direction. I know this is rare but was a great experience.
  13. Tartansnake

    Player number?

    I agree not knowing adds to the game, with the signal locator a good tool if you'd like to see how many are still active. However, most of the games I've played there has been a sniper watching over this area so I usually stay clear.
  14. Tartansnake

    Startind Points

    Usually do, we could see each other when the 10 sec start countdown was happening so unable to move. They just got their shot away before I could 😢 Don't mind starting close but not holding hands 😂
  15. Tartansnake

    Startind Points

    My starting point was right next to another player (playing solo) who shot me straight away, lasted just a few seconds. Anyone else have this or was I just unlucky?