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    Reporting cheating duos and trios

    My issue isn’t the “Duos V. Solo” encounters when teams are thrown into solo lobbies... I personally hate it when I’m playing a solo encounter and I think I’m stalking or engaging 1 player and all of the sudden I’m getting shot at by 3–4 other people who have made a truce with that player during the booster lobby. I think it’s kind of pointless to have solo lobbies where people can just join a party together over xbox live before beginning the encounter. .. IDK maybe I’m being a crybaby, but I just think that’s weak and makes it seems like people are always looking for the unfair advantage..
  2. Hey Bohemia, I've been playing VIGOR now for the better part of the year. I enjoy the game and it has A TON of potential... however there are huge issues that still have yet to be addressed ... specifically with your CROWN/REWARD system. I've literally had (1) purple crate from daily challenges and nothing else but materials, which weren't even enough to be considered a reward since we bring more materials to our shelter after an encounter, and a bunch of cheap common/white crates... The whole reason why this a big deal for me is because daily challenges are the ONLY way besides boosters to get any of the Blue/Purple/Gold crates and EVERYONE IS SO CHEAP WITH THEIR CROWNS, IT'S RARE THAT ANY CRATES OR LOOT WILL GET BOOSTED PAST 200%... HENCE I'VE BEEN STARING AT THE EXACT SAME MILITARY/SPECIAL CRATE REWARDS THAT I HAVE NO CHANCE OF OBTAINING. BASICALLY, I'M ASKING Y'ALL TO CONSIDER OTHER MEANS IN WHICH WE CAN EARN OR RECIEVE THESE REWARDS!!!!!!! I ALSO WANTED TO RUN AN IDEA BY YOU ABOUT POSSIBLY INCLUDING SOME SORT OF REIMBURSMENT (ie. Once a week/month...) FOR ALL OF THE CROWNS/WEAPONS THAT WERE LOST DUE TO SERVER CONNECTION!!! I know these are issues you've heard all of us bitching about and would appreciate you spending a little time and attention on addressing these KEY ISSUSES with VIGOR!!!!
  3. HalfBreed206

    Vigor CROWN/REWARD System ..

    @Oldninja, well said. I do want it to be emphasized that I actually really like Vigor and think that this game could be as big, if not bigger than the Battlefield franchise created by FrostBite(?) I believe.. but because of all the complaints from the community there have been A LOT of people who either never bothered to play the game or have uninstalled it from their console.. either way Bohemia has the opportunity to make a REALLY COOL GAME and right now it just feels incomplete like there should be more to do and more game modes to play on. I do feel a little cheesy complaining about a game that was made free-to-play.. however I’ve purchased roughly $60 US. worth of crowns myself and that’s why I feel like BI isn’t doing right by it’s fan base when we’re all complaining about the same things. It kind of amazes me that there hasn’t been any adjustments to the reward system since the antenna nerf... I just want to collect some decent sh*t, just as the other man does.