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  1. Hello Mates ...Thanks for the Amazing Workaround on map replacement... I was wondering where do these codes gonna be written in the first place ?
  2. True ,Thanks for the links but as you know creating the cam (KK's Solution) on the first place got its own issues like Vanishing after using Zeus or Some bugs regarding to coaxing the cam with the turret.... why should'nt we have Access to the straight Drown feed that comes in the UAV Terminal instead ?
  3. Checked Your Satellite H and got to tell you man It was AMMMAAAZZZINGGG Mate 😍...Thanks for all that Great work ...H can you Post the Projection script ? Because I want to Project the Satellite feed to a Monitor from Debug console and outside of Editor , Is it even Possible ?
  4. As long as it works outside of the Editor Im Okay with any amount of scripts.... Hey H the creator of cTab did it on his tablet....he got the straight drone turret footage...I wonder How... Your Satellite view will look great on an screen too...😉 Only if I can Assemble the dawn satellite backpack 😔
  5. Well, Good enough Thanks... But can it be done in the middle of the Mission ? with like Zeus or Command console ? Cause I've seen the Killzonekid's Method but that's take a loooots of scripting...
  6. I was Thinking that we Create Questions here so DEV team can help us....But they are actually watching to learn from us ... DEAR DEVS !!!!!! Is there anyone Survived the war ....Oh Mate war never Fucking changes .... SOMEONE ANSWER THIS HARDCORE INTRESTING QUESTION WE GOT HERE PLS....ANYONE ? HOW WE CAN SHOW THE UAV FEED AND THE LIVE STRATEGIC MAP ON A FREAKING SCREEEEEEEEN ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!