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  1. Unzippedbutton

    Season 7

    We got 25 more levels and 20 days until next season. Might just be 25 more levels. Who knows?
  2. Unzippedbutton

    Fix your damned servers

    Should we comment here everytime the game chrases? It crash 5 times in a row for me and my friend...
  3. Like the titel says, they doesnt work. Used a portable detector and i showed that no one was left. Later the same game used the in-game detector and it showed that it was one Guy left. Rushed and killed him but while loting him I got killed. That same thing have happend several times so i know that I havent missed anyone while looking at the Map. Anyone else who has the same problem?
  4. Unzippedbutton


    It is the same on Xbox. When it isnt crashng it loads, and loads alot!
  5. Unzippedbutton

    Lagging and Disconnect

    The game has end up way to laggy and disconnect all the time. Cant even connect to the servera anymore... if you end up finding a game you have to reastart the game and hope for the best! IT IS FANTASTICO!
  6. Unzippedbutton

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    Also have the same problem with automatic weapons... and whats up with the new stacking system? Horrible! 30 shells to a shoutgun when you are making a loadout... haha! Also, when you get stabbed the weapon bugs out and you can’t hear and see your shots. The ammo Also bugs. It’s just a line and says that you have no ammo.