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  1. Michael Escalante

    Kill challenges

    Just to update, as of yet I still haven't had anything unrelated to kills.
  2. Michael Escalante

    Kill challenges

    Update: I deconstructed the majority of my weapons to see if it limits what challenges you get, but it seems like if it's something you can craft, the challenge for kills will follow.
  3. Michael Escalante

    Kill challenges

    I'm not sure where the community is regarding it, but I've gotten literally nothing but weapon specific kill challenges since the update, and I'm tired of it. I'm never going to do them. I have 45 kills recorded for my stats, and asking me to get 15 kills as a daily with the Vz.52 isn't going to happen. What can be done? Should I start scrapping all the weapons I own to try and prevent it😅.
  4. Michael Escalante

    Need more things in the Shelter

    I love the idea of having the ability to craft new stations for both caffeine and iodine. In general the idea of building new stations when they're introducing new items that you could avoid lumping together under the generic "Consumables" this would also make the generator somewhat relevant as well, all things considered.
  5. Michael Escalante

    Need more things in the Shelter

    Please edit Chemical Distillation to produce chemicals, due to how much of it is needed, and for how many different improvements require it in increasing amounts. The fact that it decreases gain from deconstruction makes little to no sense. Same to be said for outhouse, as while I appreciate the percentage in production for box of plants, I feel that should be more for Water Distillation, and the outhouse should provide fertilizer. If I could get some replies to this just to see how others in the community feel about it, I'd welcome it.
  6. Michael Escalante


    Can you extrapolate on Daily Challenge Distribution please
  7. Michael Escalante

    Game crashes costing weapons/loadout

    I honestly don't have much an issue with the radiation, I have gotten the crate and safe, multiple times and not had an issue. Even sitting in the radiation sometimes just for some extra loot once the map is empty. Look at it from the perspective of server side. If you have an instance that was supposed to be over, the radiation acts as a timer to ensure the instance ends faster, without players sitting around waiting for others to leave just to occupy the whole instance, and take up space on their server while you have other players who are waiting to que for instances. Is also the reason, imo, behind them putting all previous maps in a "quickplay" variant.
  8. Michael Escalante

    Game crashes costing weapons/loadout

    Please advise asap, as paying for services that aren't being rendered and is something we are simultaneously paying for is tantamount to theft when we aren't being refunded costs when your servers crash. Weapons, ammunition, and materials are separate from this, and even when lost, I take it with a grain of salt. The games premium currency is something that is paid for more often than not, and needs to be taken care of.
  9. Michael Escalante

    Buff knife damage?

    If you're going to include knives and related challenges into a game where guns are the dominant weapon used, why would you not buff them? If it takes 4 hits to kill someone with anything under the Fällkniven A-1, where a quick trigger finger, or even just running away will prevent you from obtaining your kill. Also if someone with ammo simply hits you with their weapon, automatic knock back. Then you become a doll for them to beat at their leisure using a gun with no bullets. Bless the inherent lag. Sincerely, They guy running for the 5 kills with a melee weapon challenge.