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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, Impossible to create custom T-72B with an other Commander than "rhs_msv_emr_crew_commander" or "rhsgref_cdf_reg_crew_commander" or other (Depending inheritance). All is OK But the Commander still the same as default rhs_t72ba_tv : "rhs_msv_crew_commander" This define Commander Classname but something dont allow to change Commander and stay as default. Where is the issue ?
  2. Batouuu

    3den Enhanced

    Same for item in cargo, default Arsenal (without ACE) dont allow to add item like NVG, sights, helmet etc... in cargo (backpack, vest…). Thanks.
  3. Batouuu

    3den Enhanced

    Exactly. You can replace all your mag by tracer mag in cargo with editor loadout (arsenal in Eden) but loaded mag in the weapon stay the default mag. You must use the fonction in object init: this addPrimaryWeaponItem "classname" to replace the loaded mag in your gun.
  4. Batouuu

    3den Enhanced

    Changing loaded magazine in the edit loadout without script in the init or ACE can be a good Idea. Btw great works.