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  1. Outl4nd3r

    Cannot open my purple crates

    I uninstalled just to see if that might fix it but it did not. Limitation is definitely on the server side record of play.
  2. Outl4nd3r

    Painkiller exploit

    Of course to fix, I mean eventually. I certainly wasn't putting it out there as a detailed description of a faster way to get full health and back into the fight XD
  3. Outl4nd3r

    Painkiller exploit

    Haha, can't say fairer than that. And I agree. There's so much to be done, let this one be.
  4. Outl4nd3r

    Painkiller exploit

    It seems the painkiller was intended as a temporary buff for use in combination with an antibiotic, the painkiller wears off while the antibiotic regenerates health. An exploit exists that will allow you full health immediately with no degradation if you take 2. The first painkiller immediately heals full, the second will heal you full again but only wears off to the point that the previous pill stopped (the time it takes to pop a second pill). The first pill will not degrade at all because the timer is set on the health regeneration, not the individual consumable. So there you have nearly perfect health instantly at the cost of an extra pill. Plus you get a gold health bar the rest of the encounter 😉
  5. Outl4nd3r

    Cannot open my purple crates

    I have the same limitation with white crates, it seems there is a flag which is set that shows a crate is being opened that is reset after the loot is shown. In my case, I queued into a game and while I was waiting for the encounter I opened a crate. The crate open animation started just as the encounter began so I didn't see the loot. When I returned, my crate was gone I didn't get any loot and now I just have crates stacked that I can't open.
  6. Outl4nd3r

    Close range shots aren't registering

    Also get rid of this recaptcha to do anything on your site, it's quite cumbersome
  7. Outl4nd3r

    Close range shots aren't registering

    Same, not sure if it's weapon specific but I was using Suomi when it happened. Same thing, point blank no possible way to miss, full clip no registers, gun would not reload.