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  1. wyvern01


    All I know is Dverg Forest must be on "repeat". I like it, a little tired of it.
  2. wyvern01


    I am drowning in glass...... So just check houses. Pretty much any 2 story house will have some, and there are two maps with glitched distribution that deposit nearly (previously was ALL) of the glass in one location. You will have to search houses though. It does not appear in outside areas or vehicles.
  3. wyvern01

    Player count - Bunny Hoppers

    Well All I know is on any given night I will see the same outlanders multiple times in the lobby. So, I would think that would be a pretty good indicator of the player count....sadly.
  4. Well, I have had two crates disappear from players without full inventories this week. I like the theory, but from experience they seem to disappear regardless of inventory space.
  5. wyvern01


    I agree that you have to go into ADS if you have to shoot more than 6 or 7 meters away, but honestly I don't miss the one shot "rifles" they were before. I feel like they are in a pretty good place from an accuracy point. I can still kill with one, but not at 30 meters.
  6. wyvern01

    Grease Gun Flinch

    The grease gun is currently causing way to much flinch when you are shot by it. It can chain flinch you about 90% of the time. So landing one shot means the other person can not fire back for the entire gun fight. I don't know if it intentional but it really ups the power of a common gun rarity. It also makes even firing second in a gun fight not such a disadvantage. I tested it for several games and it won fights were I "flinched" dozens of better and higher rarity guns. So, the condition is easily repeatable. It makes most people flinch on the first landed shot and about 90% of the follow up shots so at close range it just locks them up.
  7. wyvern01

    Ammo Equip adding way too much!

    Um..... wtf is with people not just toggling the add 1 on and off. You can equip exactly what you want. Its not a bug, and I love the new ammo stacks. Finally half my slots aren't ammo.
  8. wyvern01

    Knife/Bayonet Lag?

    The issue for me is similar to the flinch mechanic for being shot. Once you get stabbed by another player or shot by certain guns (grease gun is the worst right now) I have to switch weapons like mentioned above to melee again. The swap does seem to work though. Its worse if I try to melee with a gun...then I just cant ever melee again if its the only weapon I have.
  9. wyvern01

    PPSH is back

    Still no luck either. Had a guy on my friends list say he had one from a kill yesterday and offered it to me, but I did not take him up on it and have no reason not to believe him. So, I am assuming they must just be pretty rare in the wild. He said it was like a 4 shot body kill which does seem pretty powerful.
  10. wyvern01

    List of team killers

    Not going to argue with you kid, but it seems you may not need to play duos. If you team kill everyone you get spooked by you are going to never have a random partner walk out with you. Part of the game is a learning curve and part is not being a piece of trash. Shooting someone because you don't understand their play style falls into the later. Not to mention you make a half dozen conflicting statements in your fantasy version of the events. Hard to be right beside you or be 2 meters from the airdrop from the edge of the map. Even harder to be right beside you and be camping. I should have let the 4th guy kill you while he watched the detector and saved me some trouble. Little things like you took the open field to the detector, walked away from an open air drop, completely missed the fourth shooter, and stood still in the open for over 4 minutes knowing 2 guys had precision rifles in the lobby just shows you are a little in denial over your own play style. Bottom line was you team killed. Whatever your reasons, other than someone tried to kill you first, are all just excuses you make up in your on head. You don't know what the other player is thinking. In your case you don't even appear to notice what they are doing. Your delusional mind reading of other players intentions through a digital avatar is your issue. You are "shady" and project it onto other players. Either way I've made sure you're known and I'm sure others will appreciate the warning. Just seems like a lot of long winded shame explaining of why you shot a partner in the back, especially when nobody really cares on here. All they want to know is your name so they know to kill you fast if you duo with them. BTW if you want audio queues stop running everywhere......
  11. wyvern01

    PPSH is back

    Seen it on the list, but I have not seen it in game at all.
  12. wyvern01

    List of team killers

    To be fair dude you just team killed out of stupidity. Learn to play duos or stick to solo. Your teammate sticking with you is not acting shady....however randomly killing them on the way to the exit like you did definitely is. There is no defending your reasoning, and you are only here out of fear of someone seeing your name on the list. No one shot at you and they left the second box for you instead of running off with it. You had zero reason to kill your teammate except greed or stupidity. Neither is a valid excuse. Your myopic version of what went on that game is also funny. You got pinched and were lucky to live at the detector. You did kill three guys but missed the duo for the second team that I killed. Then left the drop to walk around while I guarded it. So your idea of "work" is a little self centered. I could have took both and been at the exit but I waited for you and left the second crate. I could have easily killed you while you pick it up, so the "waiting till exit" idea to kill you is laughable. I marked the exit which you apparently ignored, and then you decide to shot me at the exit. The reality is you played poorly then decided to get greedy. Nobody makes you shot them. You made that decision and the decision to loot the body on your own. Your actions were intentional. Especially, walking right up to me to shot. If you really thought you were in danger you would not have walked up to 1 meters away from me and shot me in the back while I was trying to figure what you were looking at behind us. Pretty sure my back is not real dangerous. You just decided to defend yourself for being caught and called out after I told you I would be adding you. I made sure to add you to the list of team killers on reddit and now I'll be doing it here. Team killer: Niccolo91 Don't worry he will give you a lame excuse to cover his actions....so just melt on sight.
  13. wyvern01

    Plan swap :)

    I've been waiting over a week for a threat other than myself...... I seen one since, but they ran off the map before I could get to them. Thinking of just letting it go, but as soon as I replace the challenge there will be two a game for the next week.
  14. My issue has been with a crate carriers entire possessions disappearing. I kill them go to loot and its just the empty box animation..... Twice now that has happened in the last week. In both situations we were the only two alive on the map and they did not stop mid gun fight to destroy their inventory. This is on top of two rare crates just disappearing between the end of the encounter and the shelter screen. Way too many bugs with this game.
  15. wyvern01

    List of team killers

    Well if it was "realistic" I would not be looting with a random person I just met, so that argument is weak. A key thing to remember is that this is a game not real life so the realism argument is always wasted. This is especially true since a game by definition is supposed to be fun for all participants, otherwise it's called a competition. Team killing is absolutely not fun for 50% of the people participating in the act, so stick with this being a game and either make it easier to punish offenders. Like I said, I like the idea of having an opportunity to punish the offender, but when they simply spawn, kill, and leave you don't have time to run them down. Other options may include turning off team damage altogether, or making teammate possessions impossible to loot. Always remember the situation is exacerbated by the fact that you can spend real world money on an encounter only to be killed by your teammate. Talk about not being fun for anyone except the developer.....