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  1. wyvern01

    Food chalenge really ?

    Maybe its supposed to be more of a cycle...Like you will always have 50k or so food at max production, but every other time period you will have enough extra to max it out. At any rate the top rewards are a very diminishing return anyway.
  2. wyvern01

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    Again as someone who plays both PC and console games.....you will never set a thumbstick controller to the level of MnK. The ability to have ZERO thumbstick acceleration on MnK means that aiming is super fluid and pinpoint accurate. I can also change the DPI on my mouse instantly so that actions like ADS or scoped aiming is incredibly easy. There is ALWAYS a dead zone on all controller thumb sticks. That means true back and forth aiming always has a slower response rate than keyboard movement. You can also instantly change your perspective direction. This means instant 180 degree direction changes that take almost a 1/5th of a second for most controller users. You can fine tune your settings, but there is a reason that computers us MnK as a user interface and not a controller apparatus.
  3. wyvern01

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    Going to have to agree with Oldninja here. I am seeing a lot more guys instant 180 and start firing in the last couple weeks as well as a lot more of the forward/back or circle repetition movement that is the hallmark of PC shooter behavior. I know because I play PC shooters as well. I'll be done with the game if it continues to increase. I can't say they kill me often, but they definitely do more often than controller players do.
  4. wyvern01

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    Anyone who thinks the common guns are on par with the military or special issue weapons are delusional. The number of rounds required to kill alone is a huge difference. When I run an ADR it feels like training wheels or the game is set on easy mode. So if you are getting smoked by someone with a common its because you messed up the range and damage advantage rarer guns give you. 100 meter kills are pretty easy with the upper end guns but require a lot more rounds to be fired and LANDED from the lower end guns. I took 23 ADRs (and hordes of lesser high end guns) today alone in encounters and was running a common in every match. I can tell you that the players losing them were ALL loud and oblivious. They obviously were relying on the gun to carry them. It does not matter what the other guy is using if you come full run into an ambush. Besides I like the new players actually having the tools to compete. It means I am competing with 11 other players each match and not just the 2 guys with expensive kits. It also means the new players will find some level of success and continue playing. No one wants to be in the lobby loading screen and feel instantly defeated because some kids with weak gun game are crutching ADRs.
  5. wyvern01

    Nagant Plans....

    Thanks, I was just wanting to confirm it was there. I have opened more than 50 so far and still no plans.
  6. wyvern01

    Nagant Plans....

    So, how do we get them? I have opened tons of crates since the update and its the only plan I need. Still no plans. So, am I missing something?
  7. wyvern01

    Hit reg change?

    All guns are having an accuracy issue since the last update. If the target is running then its worse. So, hopefully they fix this and the random kill trade bug.
  8. wyvern01

    so, when the season rolls over?

    Only your battle pass will go away....everything else will still be there. So build as you please and horde your crowns if you want. "Season 2" has no definite start date anyway.
  9. wyvern01

    Changelog 1.2.1

    @ dreamy haze... The ammo is disappearance is a real issue over a series of games. It cost thousands of materials a day. I agree it need ot be fixed and have mentioned it several times on here. One thing to note is that YOU ALWAYS LOSE ammo from a second primary if you load it during an encounter regardless of if you have inventory space or not. SO if you loot a safe or cache and load the weapon it will take the ammo every time.
  10. wyvern01

    Little help with this challenge please

    It only counts actual transmitters placed, but for some reason it randomly adds to your count. There is no know way to trigger the addition, and if you wait a few days hoping to fulfill it randomly then the game will actually reset the number to 0 at some point.
  11. wyvern01

    Season Pass

    Well, one of the saddest things I have seen on here was guy wearing the level 50 outfit (hero) on here like over a week ago.... So either they ground 24/7 or spent money on that. It made me feel really sad for them.
  12. wyvern01

    Video memory

    It is the game's problem. It is generating a memory leak because it is iterating out of control during the loading process. This is most notably during the loading of "Bridges". I have lost over a million materials worth of loadouts since the new update due to crashes. I have been running a common gun 99% of the time due to fact the game seems to love to crash if I actually take anything better.....or if I actually spawn near the barred house!!!!!
  13. wyvern01

    Outlanders Teaming

    I just started playing other games more.... Congrats to the Devs for actually making an update that makes me want to quit instead of play more. I don't mind to grind, but the new pass plus the bugs are unbearable. I can't play 20 hours a day to level. I wish I never spent my crowns on the pass. I would not have purchased the pass if the amount of XP had been transparent. The sad part is I took an average over 20 encounters and even at 1880 average unboosted XP per game there is no way to grind this out. The 20% boosts every 10 levels help but don't even offset the compounding accretion of needed XP. It also means I have to play like a complete AS***LE every game.
  14. wyvern01

    Rampant cheating

    Is your gamer tag the same as your name here? If so I'll send them on over. You will find the messenger conversation particularly interesting. Its just sad really and shameful that Bohemia lets it blatantly go on. Devalues the entire leaderboard......
  15. wyvern01

    Rampant cheating

    So now that one of the biggest cheaters in the game is #1 on the leader boards I figured it was time to see how Bohemia addresses this issue. Over the last two weeks the instances of teams in solos has went through the roof and is way over 50% of my games. In the beginning when it was usually weak/newer players with low end load outs it was nice to grab a boosted crate or two, but now having multiple people in a game just to boost one guy makes the game unplayable. I have recorded over 50 games in the last week with three or more players teaming up and every game involving "RatedR Apollon" is a total boost fest. He literally has an entourage that brings items to him (food specifically), hits the signals detectors, and runs interference/bodyguards for him. When confronted in messenger he says its OK because he comes from a rich family, and since he spends so much money on the game they will never ban him. I have this in screen shoots and recordings if anyone is interested. Trying to fight 3 and 4 players that are outright boosting is not why I or really anyone else plays this game. Bohemia has the information from the games and knows it is going on, so now the question is do they do the right thing or loss more player base due to lack of integrity. I am not the only player noticing the amount of teams and the boosters are pretty obvious, especially to anyone on Bohemia's team looking at the data. The sense of entitlement was sickening when you read the messages. Pay to win games fail for a reason and this game is rapidly becoming one if you continue to allow the boosting and outright stacked lobbies. You have proximity numbers and lobby attendance data, so Bohemia has to be aware of it. So, I would like to hear from them what they plan to do to combat the issue as well as punish those already benefiting from it.