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  1. Again today 3\10\20 an upgraded crate glitches out and disappeared. This issue has been well known since the game was released by both the players and the devs. I even created a thread about it several months ago and was asked to post video clips of when this happens which i did. The game was officially released August 19th 2019, the issue was openly discussed within this forum in multiple threads\posts by multiple people less than two months following the release. Fast forward 5 months later to today March 10th 2020 and this STILL HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsrklB798BbZgQroU9JLBO6V3H_m
  2. Th3Truth

    Crates worth less

    Why were crates made less valuable in the middle of the battlepass period ? Why wasnt this change mentioned or discussed in the posted change logs ? Why was the amount of loot found in containers and on maps changed to less ? Why wasnt this change mentioned or discussed in the posted change logs ? Xp earned from opening crates (the boxes that are the main objective of a game) has been cut down to less than half of what it use to be and there isn’t even a mention about it and I’m just curious as to why this information isn’t being posted?
  3. Th3Truth

    Come on man

    well said sir, I agree with you 100%
  4. Th3Truth

    Remove Mosin from the game

    Get use to it, this game is getting more halo-ish and further from a simulation survival game every update And each update they find ways to stick it to the players. Last update everything went crazy expensive crafting cost, when the community requested lower crafting costs. This update loot XP decreased tremendously and airdrop crates are worth less than half the XP they were. NONE of these changes are even mentioned in the change log, if that doesn’t clearly spell out there intentions I’m not sure what does. Too bad they refuse to cater to what players want. EVERYONE cried about the amount of xp required to rank up the battle pass last season and how Disappointed they were in how hard it was to reach higher levels of the battlepass. So Instead of listening they do the exact opposite and this season they increase XP needed to climb the battlepass levels, while simultaneously cutting the XP earned in half. Actually less than half.. RIP to VIGOR
  5. Th3Truth

    Changelog 2.1

    I guess we’re not going to mention that crates are now worth less than half the XP they were, Way to stick it to the people who strategically have been saving all their crates to help level up the battle pass they purchased SMH
  6. Th3Truth

    First Battlepass

    Well said Bruvas. Quick true story - A high school football team near where I live was doing very good last season and was becoming very popular. Some students set up and a “ticket booth” before the entrance and were charging admission fees of 10$ Dollars per person - high school football games are free to watch and cost no money to enter. After doing this several games the police were called and they were forced to shut down. Apparently charging money for a free service was against the law (who would have thought that lol) and they faced legal action and had to pay back the “money that had been stolen”. Those were the words the judge appointed to the case had chosen to use. I’m not sure how this is really any different when you think about it. At the end of the day some were charged money for something others were given for free.
  7. Th3Truth

    Modding? Hacking?

    Honestly after watching that video all I can say is I’m glad I sold my copy of day z to gamestop for 3 dollars, and the graphics in day z look worse than the graphics in Turok on Nintendo64 lol
  8. Th3Truth

    First Battlepass

    “but it seems to be lacking something from the devs side of the game.cant really put my finger on it.” Allow me to put my finger directly on it, the problem is and has always been this.... There is definitely an underwhelming amount of support for the community from the devs. The fact that several people feel cheated enough to create threads on Facebook group/ Reddit/ and on this forum about this issue directly, and the fact that the devs Continue to ignore our concerns and will not even acknowledge us with a reply in their own forum is a clear indication ( at least to me) that they don’t plan on doing anything about it and could care less. That being said and as other long time players have already stated, that is very unprofessional and exactly why I personally will not spend any more of my hard earned money on this game. Fool me once , shame on you- fool me twice , shame on me is right! I couldn’t agree more
  9. Th3Truth

    First Battlepass

    I feel the same way, purchased battlepass for 900 crowns then less than 24hours later it’s being given away free.
  10. Th3Truth

    Disappearing crates

    This is still happening as of 12/17/19 I will be posting a few more vids showcasing upgraded crates glitching out/ disappearing
  11. Th3Truth


    Good to see they reduced radiation time slightly, a small step in the right direction. See pyrits changelog for full details on all recent changes.
  12. Th3Truth

    Another crate glitches out

    And another upgraded blue crate disappeared last night. I think that’s close to 10 crates that have disappeared that I’ve captured on video. Is this ever going to be acknowledged? if you are just tuning in watch the videos I’ve included in these threads. Pay attention to the compass on the top of the screen that displays the green crate box icon/ green crate runner icon once someone picks up the crate. Take notice of when the person carrying the upgraded crate is killed , that the green crate symbol on the compass disappears. Take notice when I search the inventory it appears full and the crate is not there. It disappeared the moment the runner was killed. This is a major issue considering the crowns spent to upgrade a crate are still lost not to mention the loot inside the crates are lost also. The crate is arguably the main objective and contains most valuable loot in a match, especially upgraded crates. This has been discussed by others not just myself and has been an ongoing issue for at-least 2 months now. It’s time the community gets acknowledgement from the devs they are aware of this issue. Multiple people saying the same thing about a major issue shouldn’t be ignored.
  13. Th3Truth

    Health\bullet damage

    By Point blank I mean I could be using a knife and reach out and touch you.
  14. Th3Truth

    Clipboard in the way

    No you are incorrect. It has nothing to do with internet speed, it is an animation based on game code and has nothing to do with internet speed lol.
  15. Again today 12\16 an upgraded crate disappeared the instant the crate runner was killed on grotheim vally at 8:30 central time. This has been happening to myself and other members of the player community for several weeks now. Can we please get some sort of acknowledgement from the devs they are aware of this problem and if they plan to work towards a fix? Spending crowns to upgrade the crate just to have it glitch out and disappear and still be out your lost crowns is a serious bug\ technica lissue. It would be nice if this were fixed and possible lost crown reimbursement could happen. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsrklB798BbZgQhJks30KHBt292d