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    Dev Requests

    I'd love to be able to choose the reaction that other players see after I've taken them out and they're returned to the 'cut' scene where 'my' character typically performs a taunt. It'd be really cool to select 'taunts' or reactions that better reflect my play style as an outlander... i.e. hands clasped (almost like a prayer or in gratitude), a salute, a thumbs up.. Also when will we be able to customize the look of our outlander (face)
  2. NavProDR

    Stuck on maps

    I've gotten stuck on a few different maps. Once under the deck on a house on the water in Fiske Fabrik. Once between a tree and a rock in Fiske Fabrik, and once on top of a rock.
  3. NavProDR

    Close range shots aren't registering

    I've had a similar issue with Shotguns, particularly on or around ladders. The other shooting issue I have is that an assault rifle toggled to full auto will shoot when I pull the trigger, but will continue shooting until the clip is empty, even when I released the trigger after an intended short burst.
  4. NavProDR

    Stuck in air drop

    I've witnessed this - I was camping an exit and watching the map. I don't recall exactly, but either the crate icon changed to the 'green running man' then disappeared completely, or the crate icon just disappeared. I believe it was the former. Understanding that this was not expected behavior, I approached the crate expecting that whoever had retrieved the crate had lost connection, but found the individual stuck inside the crate. I took them out and then took the crate.