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  1. Hello I am new to map editing and have been following: "PMC ArmA 3 Ultimate Terrain Tutorial". https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial I'm trying to get Tanoa grass (greener than Stratis' too brownish for me). I replaced the textures in: "tut_grass_green.rvmat", gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa gdt_grass_green_co.paa with gdt_wild_grass_nopx.paa gdt_wild_grass_co.paa What should I do to get Tanoa 3D Grass?
  2. To precise, everything works perfectly at the beginning of the mission, but that's when I load my backup, no more weapons accessories appear: silencer, optic.
  3. A few days ago, after I save my mission, no more accessories appear in the virtual arsenal. I specify that I do not use mod. All ideas is welcome.