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  1. Hi community, I've finished a campaign I was working on and uploaded it as a mod to the Steam workshop. After enabling it in the launcher and launching the game, my campaign wouldn't show up in the campaign menu. Interesting note: when I put the pbo file in my Arma 3 root folder in the map 'Campaigns', the campaign showed up and worked without trouble. I searched everywhere on the internet and even imitated the structure and configs of other people's campaigns, but couldn't find a solution. I also directly loaded the mod files into the Arma launcher without the workshop, but then couldn't find it either. My structure is like this: @campaignmod -> (Addons (-> campaign.pbo)) + (mod.cpp) Inside campaign.pbo: - Missions files map - (Campaign) description.ext - Config.cpp - Several .paa images Campaign.pbo was made with PBO manager and when I un-PBO'ed the file again, everything showed up intact. When using the Arma Tools add-on builder, the pbo would miss file, hence I use PBO manager. Who knows the solution?
  2. One month after the disappearance of 'The East Wind Device', a NATO SF Diving Team secretly infiltrates Malden to obtain the device from a CSAT research base. Use cunning, teamwork, stealth and audacity to obtain the mysterious device in this SP scenario. Introduction Hi everyone, being unsatisfied with the amount of frogman scenarios, I'm currently working on my first serious mission and would like to introduce you to 'Operation Magnitude'. I've published the first part of the operation on steam and would like to hear your feedback before I start getting into the technical part and voice acting. The rest of the operation is still in the early stages, so all suggestions about what comes after this demo are welcome too. I hope you enjoy the scenario. I've made the scenario private for now. It will be opened again in about a week https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1820324287 Stecklenburg