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  1. Yeah I'm using GIMP and must agree that for a free software it's really good.
  2. That's what happens when you read diagonally. 😀 Excellent, thanks ! I'm gonna take a look at that tomorrow.
  3. All right, in fact I immediately thought about editing the paa. but I wasn't sure if you would mind it.
  4. My bad I really didn't explain well 😛 here's a screen In fact I was talking about the teammate icons / order menu / weapon display being hidden behind the 'mask' effect. I tried messing semi-randomly with the 'GF_Visors_HPP.hpp' but didn't get a good result. Nothing related to contact dlc, just it adds gasmasks so it's a good dlc to use this script.
  5. Hello, I've got a question about your 'visor script'. Is there a way to have the UI on top of the mask picture when in 1st person ? At the moment it hides the bottom left and top right of the UI, aside from that it works really great with the new contact NRBC content 😀
  6. Thanks for all the scripts it has become one of my default script pack for messing in editor.
  7. _Unnamed_

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Damn I definitely missed that line, thank you very much for the help !
  8. I made it to the mission 4 this far and I'm really enjoying it. The ambience is really awesome great work ! BUT there's one thing really killing my experience.. performances !! I mean I play since ofp and I'm used to the fps drops, but there seems to be a real issue with the campaign I'm getting very low fps average not even a question of drops, it just stays low ( excepted in middle of nowhere ) and changing graphical settings don't seem to actually affect fps ( even setting the upscale from 100 to 75% didn't give me more than 1 ou 2 fps ). By low I mean something like 20fps average instead of 40.
  9. _Unnamed_

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Hello everybody, sorry for the necro but I recently started creating missions and stumbled upon this pack and really love it this far. But i've got one issue that drives me crazy. So i'm using the randomsector script and put gamelogics all around Malden. Everything works fine excepted that every time I get a task that's more than 2km away I got an anoying hint on the top right of the screen which says "Target too far, AI idling" with a little hint sound. At first I thought that was ok, but infact once it starts showing up it nevers quit on showing up every few seconds until mission ends, even if I get to the task location. I spend a few hours in the differents scripts and reading the pages of this thread but didn't found anything about that. I also tried to switch AI patrol type from hunting player to guard zone thinking it was the cause, but no differences. I've also used zeus to check if the ai is indeed idling and they seem to do their patrols. If anybody knows how to hide this hint, last precision I execute the defaut code in player's init nul = [100, [gameLogic01,gameLogic02,gameLogic03]] execVM "randomSectors1.sqf"; #with obviously more gamelogics but this code Here's a screenshot on steam