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    co10 Escape

    They're hardcoded into UnitClasses.sqf for that faction setup, so any new unit classes won't be used until that file is updated. I would strongly recommend that if you add heavily armored vehicles to the military traffic arrays, you add additional lightly-armored vehicles to maintain the balance. Duplicate entries if necessary.
  2. jaj22

    co10 Escape

    @bionicman303 I believe the github link is used for current development. Not sure what's up with gitlab. The daytime problem is a known bug in 1.9. You can either use a newer version or pick a specific time (eg. 12:00) as a workaround.
  3. jaj22

    co10 Escape

    It's really a three-faction game, blufor vs (opfor + ind). You can use any faction as any of those three though. You can see how they're set up at the start of UnitClasses.sqf. UnitClasses.sqf is manually created. You can find the unit class names by mousing over them in the editor. The older ones are also at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_WEST but I don't think they added the new units from the Contact DLC yet.
  4. jaj22

    co10 Escape

    It's quite easy to add static vehicles to a specific map, if you know how to get files in and out of a pbo. I used "PBO Manager 1.4". Extract the mission.sqm from your favourite Escape pbo, open it in the Arma editor, add whatever vehicles you like and set their "presence" value as required (it's the percentage chance to spawn). Put the mission.sqm back in the pbo and it should work. This is how the boats are placed on the maps. I added some helicopter spawns to Malden because we had a player who really likes flying them. It's suicide, of course 😛
  5. jaj22

    co10 Escape

    This puzzled me initially, because we'd only played CSAT vs NATO, the NATO drones seemed harmless and we hadn't had any random explosion deaths since sorting out the tank skills. Then last night we played a couple of Tanoa APEX NATO vs CSAT games and got silently nuked on the evac site. Turns out that all three NATO drones in the list are unarmed, but one of the two CSAT drones is not. Bit too much like random death for me, so I'll probably comment out the armed drone.