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    Roaming AI A3XAI

    If i am not mistaken both Kuplion's and Fickdichhard's version have A3XAIVersion = "0.2.1"; (funny both are the same version XD), while Face's A3XAI have A3XAIVersion = "3"; https://github.com/Fickdichhard/A3XAI-UPLOAD https://github.com/SnarkIndustries/A3XAI-Final thou there is one more version (newest) Porkeld updated from Kuplion's version.
  2. Quote from Official Exile forum: " Been a while... But here is a very simple addition. What this does is give the admins an easy way to remove trees/bushes etc from a players territory without having to modify an SQF file and upload their mission again, as it's all handled at the database level. All you have to do is edit the record for any territory and change the last field [notrees] (to be added below) to a number other than 0. Setting this number to 1, will clear all trees/bushes etc to the radius the territory is currently set for. Any number higher than 1, will clear all trees/bushes etc to that range in meters. Easy.. Installation 1st - SQL additions to the territory table. 2nd - Override/Overwrite [won't explain how that's done, hopefully you know how that works by now.] ExileServer_system_territory_database_load.sqf 3rd - Exile.ini change. [Find the following section and replace it completely with one given below] That's all, by default the notrees will all be set to 0, if a player wants to clear out trees/bushes just set it to a number other than 0 as described above. A few benefits to doing things this way.. 1st, should a base be removed or deleted, the trees are put back automatically, 2nd, should you not want players to put flags inside of trees? just set the default value in the SQL to 2, and now no flags in trees."
  3. yeah, I realized it after posting 😕
  4. Hi everyone, does anyone have any experience with web archives (I never used one myself), taking under consideration unfortunate events, and no official info about the future of the Exile mod forum knowledge base ( it would be a shame if those info would be lost to community), do you think something like this will work after the official Exile mod forum shutdown, or? https://web.archive.org/web/20180509111512/http://www.exilemod.com/ Edit: Just noticed on Discord, posted by Majormittens: https://exile.majormittens.co.uk/www.exilemod.com/index.html