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    3CB BAF Weapons

    I've been using 3CB for a long while, and have been very happy with the L16's basic operation. However, it's always struck me as confusing that there were options to prep rounds that didn't seem to be available (Laser Guided) or didn't seem to function (Airburst HE). Are there any plans to fix or add these rounds? I'd love to be able to provide laser-guided mortar support for my infantry squads, and seeing the option without having access to it always frustrated me.
  2. Flodos

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I've been using the 3cb mods for a long while, thank you guys for your work! However, I think I've found a bug: the FGM Javelin will not switch firemodes when running with Ace. When using the ace 'switch firemodes' function as described in your 3cb weapons user guide, but, while it does give the 'click' noise of a firemode change, it causes me to put the launcher away, on my back. Even after taking it back out, it's still in direct firemode. I've tested this with nothing but 3cb, its dependencies and Ace loaded, so it isn't a conflict with another mod. I've rebound the Ace key combination from shift+tab to shift+t as well, and the issue persists.