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  1. TimRambo

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    No problemo :D
  2. TimRambo

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    is this single player only script ?
  3. TimRambo

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    thanks for the reply GF Ehm for the mods i have no mods that enables any items etc only scipts and the stuff i need for the map. and a few mods for doing a better editing job on my part :P i might just change the map bcs in editor for 10-20 seconds it lags for me but after a while its 100% fine. i made an dedicated server on my machine and with ur script it ran 100% way better no lag at all only problem was that the ais did not spawn at all. I used the TADST launcher for this for easy use to check my map out to see if it was gonne be better and it was but no ais :( I did test out ur stratis 1 and it worked perfect inside my local MP from my game on lan.
  4. TimRambo

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    Hello i am having trouble of getting the script to work. will it work better if i used the mod on my server only with userconfig ? Because its pretty much unplayable now and when i tested ur mission it worked fine on stratis. i am using this map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836147398&searchtext=x-cam idk if the issue is the map or just me having too many scripts ? Also the script dosent sapwn any ais for me might be the map that dosent wanna spawn them idk if you need my mission file i will gladly give it to you :) on PM on here or steam.
  5. need an hand here screenshot pastebin: https://pastebin.com/PS2s1NYQ GF_Killfeed download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32989
  6. do you have an link for that custom dialog been trying to find that script since i am making my own sandbox :P I know that losis armory and the advanced version of it use a script called dialog but no idea the name of the script itself xD
  7. i rly wish i knew mr.sqf tbh like it would be so much fun to have everything in the game + mods being amount from x to x in the shop with weapons and vehicles and include the GF_killfeed when u kill u get X amount of money and with the money u buy shit thats the kind of sandbox i am aiming for atm but without knowledge is a bit hard XDD But this will help i hope haha XD what spawner do u use for vehicles ? is it this shop u also use for vehicles ?
  8. does ur trader automaticly take in modded weapons XD ? u dont have kill enemies and u get money ? if u do could you send me template of the mission u have only with this script and the code for killing enemies and u get money :P ?
  9. would it look like that ? // init.sqf addmissioneventhandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = UAVControl vehicle _killer select 0}; // UAV/UGV player operated road kill if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = _killer}; // player driven vehicle road kill if (_instigator != player OR !(_killed inArea your_trigger) OR !(_instigator inArea your_trigger)) exitwith {}; // Add your code here: this addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; _money = _killer getVariable [TER_moneyVariable,0];// get the variable, if not defined use default (0) _money = _money + 500;//add kill reward _killer setVariable [TER_moneyVariable, _money]; "You received 500$" remoteExec ["hint",_killer];// execute code local on the pc of the killer }];
  10. well i saw this on the first page. and thats what i wanna add into the trigger when unit Opfor is in a trigger and ofc blufor when in pvp area ofc so is it possible to place it in an trigger instead of adding it to every single unit i have xD ? bcs then i can restrict on when u get money and when u dont get money :D
  11. does this work with mods or do i have to add the classnames from the mods ? I wanna use this script for killing ais u gain money and killing players u gain money. And its gonna be an armory mission where u can do whatever. for now. cars will be free to use. but later on i might look for a shop thing for vehicles :P is it possible to make an trigger for the kill reward ? so when u are in this radius u get the money if not u dont ? i dont wanna edit my PvE are to add text in bcs there is already an radius around it etc :D this is the mission i am currently editing for fun :D https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=688299467