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  1. 7ali7

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    ok. i will. but you said it's easy to editing. i'll do my best to test the code and tell you what happened.
  2. 7ali7

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    zeus! in campaign? if i use the script should i change script every time i want to change loadout for example weapons then go to game and play the mission?
  3. 7ali7

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    ummm..... how to use this
  4. 7ali7

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    do you have a mod name personal arsenal by any chance? in that mod you can change your weapons,pistol,vest,backpack.etc and customize your weapons as well.i like do these to my squad. give them different loadout and could change in any mission.
  5. 7ali7

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    thanks for trying to solve this problem. yes, only change my squad.
  6. 7ali7

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    hi. i'm the guy who need help about script editing.
  7. no matter how hard i try to avoid it, its time to face it. i dont know how to editing this script of yours. i really guess that mod that fix this issue for me though. not looking for unlimited ammo but when you put it that way,yeah,why not. but if you can help me how to editing i would really appreciate it. and for being clear is this work for offline sp?
  8. Loadout Trasnfer 2 is not for sp campaign i think. i'm looking for mod that change the weapons,gear,etc of AI in single player campaign offline,not enemy AI, my squad, like personal arsenal mod. because it's too frustrating to tell ai pick up things. and once again i really new of this arma stuff.
  9. thanks for reply. i install the mod but in game everyone changes cloth to white shirt and black pants.😀 and let me explain what i need. there is mod personal arsenal that you can change easily your loadout so CAN i change ai friend loadouts in similar way.
  10. hi i'm new here.i need some help about the mod that change ai equipment in sp campaign .