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  1. Where is the tutorial? I would love to see it. I have only seen information regarding client saving and installing the extension into the server files. I can do that much already. Maybe I passed over it, but I personally haven't found something that talks about saving the mission. If there is a tutorial, can you link it so I can read it?
  2. I have worked with scripts before, I am very much an amateur. However, I personally can't find any information on saving the mission with iniDB2. I did find a lot of information on saving client and character information, which isn't too much of a concern for me. Is saving character/client information similar to saving mission information? Do I have to use the profileNamespace in order to save the mission? or is that a different method separate from iniDB2?
  3. Hello, I thought after reading this over and over again I would finally understand what to do, however I am completely stumped. I wanted a system that would save mission progress so that the next time the server played the mission, it would start where the players last left off. I am not too overly concerned with saving player's loadouts. One particular mission I want this to work on is a warlords style mission that I am working on. I was wondering if saving mission progress is possible with iniDBI2? Does it do it automatically? Thank you!
  4. I haven't read the entire thread, so I apologize if this has already been asked and/or implemented. Would it be possible to add a Livonian version of the MBT-52 (Leopard 2) for the expansion? I realize it is a only a couple of weeks left until the release but I think it would be nice to have another nation have the Kuma. The Kuma would fit really well with the overall theme of Livonia, as the nation seems it is modeled after Poland, which uses the Leopard 2. In addition, if the camo for the Kuma is close to a NATO woodland camo it could be easily implemented with the woodland fatigues for use in many other nations. Thanks, keep up the great work!
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    Would it be possible to add the pre-alpha versions of the AMV-7 Marshall into the game? It might be nice to roll around investigating early signs of alien life in a less armed version. We wouldn't want to give off the wrong impression to our alien overlords. I believe this was a pre-alpha version of the Marshall designed to be a medevac. However, if we wanted to rebel against the alien overlords we would need something bigger. The Mortar variant of the Marshall might be up to the task. Just a suggestion, I like the number of assets that the expansion brings. I was just curious if something like this could be in the realm of possibility. Thank you for your hard work!