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  1. Thanks the issue was I had no idea what something else was, I just re did all my triggers modules and it worked out, sorry I am pretty new at this but I actually learned quite a bit and now understand more of what I am actually writing . I really do appreciate you, I have the wiki always open now as a reference even though some things are hard to understand I am starting to understand alot more than I did before.
  2. Thank you that makes sense. I still can't get anything anyone has suggest to work I must be missing something else, some of the conditions the game will start up with no errors just not with the desired effect and some will make an error before closing the trigger attributes.
  3. I am unsure what you mean by flattening out if you could explain that to me I'll never have to ask that again lol
  4. I have 6 separate groups 3 are always visible going towards their objective. The other 3 are hidden using a hide/show node that gets activated by a trigger on the start of the mission. ( Perhaps that trigger is keeping them hidden?) I want everyone in wave2 to show after all of wave 1 dies. I need to take another look I think the mission start trigger I have is keeping them hidden but I could be wrong I am new to this so I am sure I will learn the hard way. I appreciate everyone's help I will be going to bed and when I wake up I'll try a few things mentioned here and take a look at my triggers again and I'll be sure to keep this updated. Despite all my troubles I have actually learned alot by trying to troubleshoot this single problem. 😂
  5. thank you So I just wrote it in wrong? If I just swtich out leader1 to Wave1Group1 it will have my desired affect?
  6. Edit I finally got it working thanks guys so I am in a part of my mission I need to create a enemy attack in waves. for example I have two groups Wave1Group1 Wave1Group2 Wave1Group 3 , Wave2Group1 ect ect. I keep Wave 2 hidden ON A hide/SHOW node and that is working nice The issue I am having is when I want the to show it's not working I have a new show/hide node and I have a trigger for it and it is not working this is what I have exactly in the trigger. edit: I want wave 2 to appear when wave1 dies. ({ alive _x } count units Wave1Group1 == 0) && ({ alive _x } count units Wave1Group2 == 0) && ({ alive _x } count units Wave1Group3 == 0) what did I do wrong?
  7. Thank you for this Thread, I have been reading everything I can on scripting. I am trying to make my mission the best it can possibly be me. Everything is going pretty smoothly I just need to add a bunch of scripts figure out if they are working correctly and it's way more work than I thought, I have pages of scripts and code on my notepad++ that I want to use or think will be useful in the future. The more I learn about scripting the more scripts I want to add and the more work I am giving myself lol It's alot of fun in the editor though
  8. Spookykid

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello, I am Spookykid My PC Is not very powerful I recently Bought The Original Operation Flashpoint and Arma Gold Edition and Despite ARMA 1s Age It is quickly becoming my Favorite game
  9. Spookykid

    I Need a Training Mission

    I Would suggest Using the editor you can do whatever you want there. hope that helps 😂