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  1. Weirdly enough it started to happen after we use this mod but since it cannot overwrite the setting regarding the rank made during mission creation... I guess a fresh install of a server is required yet again haha. Thanks for answer.
  2. Hey ! First and foremost, great AI mod the best me and my group have used so far. However, I have found that the mod overwrite the rank of player unit in the squad so we are all sergeant. Minor inconvenience but if you have a solution to this it would be a great boost to the immersion aspect.
  3. So I ran this script with ACE3 and the interaction menu for defusing bomb does not show up in dedicate server hosted mission, any idea why ? Yes, I have a defusing kit.
  4. Hello again everyone. My description.ext just works all of the sudden. So this thread is close. If anybody runs into the same problem as mine this is my recommendations: 1. Save your mission and exit your editor then load it up again. 2. If 1 does not work, restart your game. 3. If both does not work then restart your PC or Laptop. But of course check your description.ext first for any typo or incorrect param. Finally, to everyone that replied, thank you so much and sorry I kind of waste your time. Also, thank you for all the awesome script you guys posted here. Owling, out. Ps. I'm kind of star struck here with all of you guys I have been keeping an eye out for when finding specific script replies to my thread.
  5. Update: Add my description.ext for everyone to see at original post
  6. Will be providing Description.ext for everyone to look at after work. On top of my head right now the respawn which I really need it to work is as follow: //These are the settings that does not get apply in the mission //Other settings works fine respawn = 3; respawnButton = 1; respawnDelay = 9999999; respawnDialog = 0; respawnOnStart = 0; respawnTemplates[] = {"Spectator"}; DisableAI = 1; //This also not work This editor setting is on Respawn disable which got apply in the mission. Alternatively, if anyone could provide updated script on having player turns into Spectator after dead while not deleting his/her slot, that would works too. Thank you.
  7. ---THREAD CLOSED CHECK LAST REPLY--- TLDR: Title Hello script wizard! I found that the settings (respawn especially) in the eden editor/mission file overwritten my custom settings in Description.ext. How do I force the setting in Description.ext to apply over the one in the mission file? Thanks in advance.
  8. Owling

    Countdown Timer on screen

    Sorry to ask this I'm kind of noobish but how/where do I put this in. Also, if I want to have another trigger activate when the timer ends, how would I be able to do that. Will this works in a dedicate server ? Thanks in advance script wizards of BI forum.