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  1. Thanks for the help! I noticed that the price is lower than in most other stores both in my region and internationally, which is quite rare where I live. Luckily, the store has very good reviews and has had many customers in the past. They also issue warranties on all items, but I believe there is a cost for it. With this, I decided that the NVME will most likely be more worth it considering the tiny price difference. Either way, they both will be a massive improvement to WD Blue HDD. As for what domukun mentioned concerning the relatively small capacity of the drive, I already have my OS installed on another SSD. Only Arma and maybe some other games will be on the new drive.
  2. I've recently been browsing around for a new 240gb SSD on which I will run Arma from. I noticed that where I live, the cheapest SATA SSD (Western Digital Green) goes for 40 USD, and the cheapest NVME drive (Adata XPG SX8200 PRO) comes around at 52 USD. They both have the same capacity, and the NVME drive uses m.2. NVME Seq. read: 3500MB/s Seq. write: 1200MB/s SATA Seq. read: 540MB/s Seq. write: 465MB/s I run about 40 mods for the group that I play with, and I'm guessing it's around 40-50gb of mods. This causes a very long load time each time I start up the game as it is currently running on a 7200rpm WD Blue. I have heard that on other games, NVME drives do not significantly decrease the load time of a game. Will the NVME drive have a better load time than the SATA SSD? Or is it just worth it to stick with buying the SATA SSD? Additionally, are there any other benefits that come from the NVME drive within and outside of Arma 3?