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  1. Baked Ham

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Where is the helicopter warning sound files like "Warning, critical damage" in RHS ? i extract a bunch of files in rhs and i didn't find one, appreciate for the help.
  2. wow thx for such quick reply.So i think i just stick to attachTo then XD, much appreciated!
  3. ok then... seems like this is the way.. i still wonder how exactly a weapon fire its laser, i've been looking for some solutions in those config file, but i found nothing since i have no experience in modding, i saw some functions that contain sort of grenade explosion effect, what i don't understand is how they execute and have those parameters defined...
  4. I want to make a gopro gun camera actually, but the camera doesn't cooperate very well, cant find a proper position to attach to....
  5. then what is the selectionName - "weapon" attached to exactly? should be the weapon on the back
  6. but there is something confusing me after that post, why I can get weapon direction from unit but can't get the weapon itself XD.
  7. omg, I think I see what I need, this looks really promising, gonna check that out later, appreciate the help!
  8. i tried attachTo, and tried many memoryPoints, none of them can make the object rotate and move perfectly with the weapon while the unit is running...