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    ''" encountered instead of '{'

    Ah thank you! I showed this my friends, and even they couldn't find the error haha.
  2. Need help solving this issue. Just trying to change the camouflage value of a drone in another mod by creating a new drone through inheritance without overwriting the existing one in the original mod. I am almost there but running into an issue. https://gyazo.com/5f26742ad002f56945d5dfe0c060f008 class CfgPatches { class JLTS_drones_prowler; }; class CfgVehicles { class JLTS_UAV_prowler_gar { class assembleInfo; }; class JLTS_UAV_prowler_gar_backpack { class assembleInfo; }; class 212th_UAV_bag:JLTS_UAV_prowler_gar_backpack { author="South" display="212th UAV Stealth Drone"; class assembleInfo:assembleInfo { base=""; displayName="212th Prowler UAV"; assembleTo=" 212_UAV"; }; }; class 212_UAV:JLTS_UAV_prowler_gar { author="South"; displayName="212th Prowler UAV" camoflauge=0.6; class assembleInfo:assembleInfo { dissasembleTo[]="212th_UAV_bag" }; }; };
  3. Will do, thank you for the assistance!
  4. I was basing the code off some code that I found where _x was their target. I was assuming _x was just another way of using "this", so should I just replace _x with this or the variable name of the target?
  5. Hey i am using [TUT]Creating custom compositions for ZEUS code to create a zeus composition addon for my unit, however, i am running into trouble with pasting down the composition in Achilles. Each time i try to place the composition in zeus I see an object map highlighted in white, and i am unable to place the objects into the game. Here's the code: