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  1. Hham

    Food chalenge really ?

    Not only that but if you spend the time looking food, you’re not looting other stuff focusing on leveling up so you’ll miss out on the battle pass you paid for.
  2. Hham

    Food chalenge really ?

    Yeah 75 is rediculous
  3. Hham

    River bug

    Sometimes after I cross rivers in any of the maps that have rivers my character gets a bug where I either can’t jump or can’t lay down
  4. Hham

    River bug

    no didn’t get shot. But I’ll try that. It happens from time to time
  5. Hham

    River bug

    Let me clarify. I can’t jump or prone for the rest of the game. Not just in the river
  6. Hey on duos it shows the closest threat as your partner. Please fix as it’s a waste
  7. Hham

    Wasted crowns

    Yes. Improvements have been made but it still sucks
  8. Hham


    Not necessarily a bad idea but they’d have to program ai and pathing And we still don’t have 100% functioning basic game. I guarantee you this will never happen
  9. Hham

    Portable signal detector

    It’s description is traceable closest enemy. The point is to be like the signal thing but only the closest. Given the description it’s not working as intended.
  10. Hham

    Shooting range.

    I pulled out the 1911 and got really good at firing it fast. Several of the pistols I got decent at firing fast. But in game they shoot so slow. Gets me killed every time. Why? Why don’t pistols shoot as fast in game?
  11. Hham

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    I use XIM apex. I die way more than I kill. Aim acceleration kills mouse use. It’s really bad. Even the xim apex company has said the aim acceleration in this game is weird.
  12. Hham

    Nagant Plans....

    Unlucky man. I got it in the first common reset.
  13. Ginja it took me a long minute to figure that one out too haha I was mad. And you’re right, it takes too much time devoting to this game to get through the pass. I won’t get the next one if it’s the same way. Honestly I’m about completely done with this game. It still has some fun but it’s problems just take away too much for my tastes. Most especially the gun play which is my favorite part of a game. Sad really.
  14. Hham

    I need a devs answer

    There are many developers that are interactive and listen to the player base. Many games have made many changes to games because the players gave feedback. And it’s just good business. If I as a paying customer don’t like the product then I won’t recommend it or won’t continue to put money into it. Even people who didn’t buy early access are putting money into the game by way of crowns. Heck that’s their whole goal to make money. Make the players unhappy and they won’t play, won’t stream, won’t pay, and devs don’t make money. It is erroneous and rude to assume or accuse that unhappy customers are raging temper tantrum children sticking remotes up their butts. Besides, I never commented about teaming. I think it’s cheap but unstoppable as a practice. Best case right now is reporting as cheating through Xbox live if it matters that much to you. Solo teaming people are basically bullies. But that is real world and would be applicable to the storyline of post apocalyptic so there’s that argument for it.
  15. Hham

    I need a devs answer

    I don’t feel I’m being slanderous or defaming or harassing or any of those things when I say that as a customer and forum user I don’t feel like I am important to the devs and owners of this title. And after going through quite a few threads I see one dev response and then a reprimand for talking bad about devs. I further feel that I am not important to the business owners and devs. If you go through comments on here and YouTube and xbox posts you’ll see a LOT of the customer base feels the same.
  16. Hham

    Season pass too short

    Yeah these guys don’t understand a lot about business. Like right now there’s a blue helmet in the store for like $15. Really? First of all you’ll stand out better so it’s not a great idea. Second of all it doesn’t add any armor or anything so what’s the point? And third ITS $15!!!! Are you kidding me? Stuff is too grindy and too expensive and not enough time to try to complete. There’s o my going to be a small handful of people who max out food. And that’s only because they were already working on it a lot before the pass. It really is super poor business
  17. Hham

    Vigor destroyed In one swoop

    Yeah they upped the grind for everything and offered a paying way to speed it up. It feels greedy. Why does it take sooo long to craft bandages one at a freaking time? But ninja is right. They don’t care. They don’t read these and even if they do they’re not going to change anything because of what we say. Which is sad because a lot of these people on the forums are the more serious ones and like me and ninja have been around since early days. They keep adding ways for us to spend money but don’t fix the crashing. I still loose guns and crowns. They don’t care.
  18. Currently as you level up, leveling up gets harder. As in more and more xp is needed per level. There are xp boosts but you can still feel it getting much harder. I played several hours and had crummy games the whole time and didn’t raise one level. You can progress faster if you do well but not everyone can do well every game. As there is a time limit on the pass it is clear to me that a lot of people won’t reach level 50 because xp can be hard to get if not playing well. If people spend money but it’s too hard or requires spending too much time playing to reach max level, they are less likely to buy the next pass. I suggest adding missions that are specific to xp. Similar to the daily missions but the rewards are xp, and not only three a day. Give a list of them for players to progress through similar to the early game tutorials. Loot so many items, kills with specific weapon types, and so on. Give everyone a means of getting to max level, and they will be more likely to purchase the next pass.
  19. Hham

    Video memory

    Same. Lost two aug’s in a row. In the lobby when the game was about to start. My game crashes all the time. Like if I’m crafting health items and it joins a match. Probably gonna crash.
  20. Hham

    Map glitch

    I found a place on fjellkanten you can get stuck in. Where do I send the video on Xbox?
  21. Before I start, I know it's in early access (but supposed to be close to release) and I'm not trying not to be a salty dog. But I gotta vent a little. Between hit registration, guns not firing, guns continuing from to fire the whole magazine after I let off the trigger, finally doing well and the gme crashes, and many other small things like interaction keys stillnit working all the time or having to move around a lot to find it, I rage quit this game a lot. It's fun and I don't want to be a hater. But does anyone else die or crash and get super mad and quit? It's still so broken. How is this almost ready to release? AAAARRRRGGGHHH! Anybody feel me?
  22. Hham

    .9 weapons

    They are coming back though according to the dev stream
  23. Hham

    .9 weapons

    Maybe I missed it somewhere but there are a lot of weapons missing are they gone? Or do they just need to be unlocked somehow?
  24. Hham


    I wasn't excited for an update. My opinion may change but for now I regret paying $20 for this game. I'm trying not to be super salty. Why take away one shot headshot kills? Unless it's different IN game, my impression is that the scarecrows have actual player health. Multiple headshots required? One headshot with any weapon was one of the things i told all my friends was the best feature. It opens up so many strategies. So many guns just became obsolete. The mosin Nagant isn't even one shot to the head? I am so discouraged with this game I didnt play for so long and was excited for an update. But instead of good changes to guns, lag fixes, bug fixes... we got more problems, worse play, and new ways to spend money. I have to pay you for better loot?! Unless this changes I will be done with this game. Genuinely I mean no offense but I regret buying it. Sorry if I sound rage-y. I'm not. I'm discouraged at the priorities and decisions. The game WILL NOT survive the year unless a new direction is taken.