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  1. Before I start, I know it's in early access (but supposed to be close to release) and I'm not trying not to be a salty dog. But I gotta vent a little. Between hit registration, guns not firing, guns continuing from to fire the whole magazine after I let off the trigger, finally doing well and the gme crashes, and many other small things like interaction keys stillnit working all the time or having to move around a lot to find it, I rage quit this game a lot. It's fun and I don't want to be a hater. But does anyone else die or crash and get super mad and quit? It's still so broken. How is this almost ready to release? AAAARRRRGGGHHH! Anybody feel me?
  2. Hham

    .9 weapons

    They are coming back though according to the dev stream
  3. Hham

    Map glitch

    I found a place on fjellkanten you can get stuck in. Where do I send the video on Xbox?
  4. Hham

    .9 weapons

    Maybe I missed it somewhere but there are a lot of weapons missing are they gone? Or do they just need to be unlocked somehow?
  5. Hham


    I can see that POV ninja. Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on weapon level but I do feel it's an advantage. And my feeling is that getting better weapon blue prints is dependent on money. Mine or yours. I'm not fond of that. I would definitely spend money on customizable things. Even maybe on my shelter or to unlock more progression. (Something to work towards is currently a big issue) I look forward to dev ideas about increasing the progression without increasing the grind. The game has a lot of potential for sure and I still want I think to succeed. I just have such a hard time with the logic of paying for a boost, especially for a single match. And so expensive considering. I guess it puts such a bad taste in my mouth and brings back experiences from other game companies that have done loot box type stuff and it starts to feel icky. I don't want to see this game go down an icky road. I want it to be amazing GOTY and tea bag fortnight. Lol
  6. Hham


    Again you are making Thisbe personal by attacking me instead of only arguing the issue. You have misquoted me and you don't see what I'm trying to say. I am glad we do at least agree paying that much per match is for too much. I wasn't contradicting myself. I was saying that it is gambling. Which it is. The second part of what I was saying is that if things work the way they want them to (pay money, get better loot) that is pay to win. The player base shouldn't have to FEEL like they won't get as good of weapon blue prints and parts unless they spend money. Games should never ask you to spend money for an advantage. Yes sometimes another player will spend money and I get the benefit. But that is not in my control. The chances should be set and the purchases should be for other things. Yoi also erroneously said everything can be obtained another way. Blue prints only come from loot crates according to recent dev stream. So if I never spend money, in order to get blue prints (arguably one of if not the most valuable items), I am dependent on other players spending money. It has nothing to do with how much money I personally own. It's the principle of the game mechanic. We obviously won't agree and that's fine. I'm not going to argue with you anymore. This is supposed to be a respectful place. GG
  7. Hham


    Just so the info is out there- 45 crowns is almost $1.50. If all 12 players get just the air drop boost that's about $18. Of all 12 players get all three boosts it's about $60!!! Of course they recommend you get all three every game. This is clearly just a money grabbing strategy. Come on devs. Don't be like that.
  8. Hham


    I haven't been through the threads in a while and it's a lot to sift through. Thanks for telling me about the crown reset. I respectfully disagree about the gambling. I understand your point about a guaranteed affect; but that effect Ian a percent chance. You are paying for a better chance to get loot. My understanding, and maybe I have misunderstood, but my understanding is that better loot is not guaranteed, only the chance for better loot is guaranteed. This is gambling, and you are paying for better odds. And there are so many problems. 1. I'm paying for only a chance a to better loot. 2. If I die before I get the crate I've wasted money. 3. I know how the devs feel but it IS kinda still pay to win. Because with better weapons you are more likely to kill people. Even Lerch commented on the logic of lower rank weapons not being as good. With that logic: pay to get better weapons = pay for more kills. 4. The exit camping will probably be worse. People will think: "If I have paid I don't want to risk losing it. So let someone else grab it and I'll camp the exit. It's easier that way." 5. Even if the air drop spawn change location tower is used, you have two minutes to move camp spots. You can run across a whole map in two minutes. 6. People who pay extra and don't get better loot from a crate, or die and don't get the crate, will hardcore rage and we will start losing players. 7. I feel like I'm being nickled and dimed. It's never a good strategy to attach money to loot. I hate fortnight but I love their business model. Charge for customizations that aren't game changing. Fortnight has made so much money giving people a free game. Genius! I would happily spend crowns in vigor on customizing my character or shelter or shooting range. 8. The consequences if I don't spend more money is very little chance of better loot. Hence the increased exit camping. Just my thoughts.
  9. Hham


    I felt I was pretty clear about the fact I wasn't crying about it. I even left room for the possibility that it was a glitch in the scarecrows. I don't know why you feel you need to berate my negative opinion. But to address your concerns, I am not upset at the current state of broken things. I am upset at the direction I perceive the game is headed based on the decisions of the devs. Even if the performance issues are fixed, if the gun play is borked and you have to "pay for a chance for better loot" the game will not do well. I want this game to do well I have had a lot of fun. The things I'm concerned about are the priorities of the devs and core game mechanics. Not bugs that can easily be fixed.
  10. Hham


    My understanding is that at full release our loot and shelter will reset. We got crowns for buying the game. If we are spending them now are we wasting crowns on loot that will be wiped? Will we get more at launch? If you're going to wipe it anyway, why not make crowns free just to test the system? Also, why do we have to continue to pay more money for better loot? I feel the chances of me getting better loot without pay is extremely low, but even if I pay there's no guarantee because it's chance. Soooo this = gambling. No please.
  11. Hham


    I wasn't excited for an update. My opinion may change but for now I regret paying $20 for this game. I'm trying not to be super salty. Why take away one shot headshot kills? Unless it's different IN game, my impression is that the scarecrows have actual player health. Multiple headshots required? One headshot with any weapon was one of the things i told all my friends was the best feature. It opens up so many strategies. So many guns just became obsolete. The mosin Nagant isn't even one shot to the head? I am so discouraged with this game I didnt play for so long and was excited for an update. But instead of good changes to guns, lag fixes, bug fixes... we got more problems, worse play, and new ways to spend money. I have to pay you for better loot?! Unless this changes I will be done with this game. Genuinely I mean no offense but I regret buying it. Sorry if I sound rage-y. I'm not. I'm discouraged at the priorities and decisions. The game WILL NOT survive the year unless a new direction is taken.
  12. Hham

    Strange Encounter

    I've had that. I think you're guess is right. As much as the game crashes from time to time his game probably did and he was left there. Or his trial ran out something like that.
  13. Hham

    Random Map

    Yeah same problem here. I think it random map was just a temporary fix. I think they want you to be able to choose.
  14. Hham

    Hits STILL not registering

    Yeah I recorded one of those. Guy killed me after I put a ton of rounds in him and he wasn't moving. I had that before and the guy didn't even know I was in the room with him shooting him. Must be a desync issue. I know the game is under contstrucrion but I've had to take a break as well. Still love you long time though vigor
  15. Hham


    Two quick bugs - 1 sometimes lose ability to sprint and prone. Haven't figured out what triggers it but it lasts the rest of the encounter. 2 I just noticed this the last game I played and haven't been able to test it further but I think I'm losing all the ammo in the magazine of my weapon when I leave a game of my inventory is full. Losong a full mag of ammo can be expensive. Especially if you don't have that blueprint.