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  1. Hham

    Strange Encounter

    I've had that. I think you're guess is right. As much as the game crashes from time to time his game probably did and he was left there. Or his trial ran out something like that.
  2. Hham

    Random Map

    Yeah same problem here. I think it random map was just a temporary fix. I think they want you to be able to choose.
  3. Hham

    Hits STILL not registering

    Yeah I recorded one of those. Guy killed me after I put a ton of rounds in him and he wasn't moving. I had that before and the guy didn't even know I was in the room with him shooting him. Must be a desync issue. I know the game is under contstrucrion but I've had to take a break as well. Still love you long time though vigor
  4. Hham


    Two quick bugs - 1 sometimes lose ability to sprint and prone. Haven't figured out what triggers it but it lasts the rest of the encounter. 2 I just noticed this the last game I played and haven't been able to test it further but I think I'm losing all the ammo in the magazine of my weapon when I leave a game of my inventory is full. Losong a full mag of ammo can be expensive. Especially if you don't have that blueprint.
  5. Hham

    Partner Icon

    Hmm. If something was implemented I think the green crosshairs or a red x might work. That's a decent compromise.
  6. Hham

    1st person ADS weapon sway

    Yeah they mentioned in a stream they aren't definitely adding it.
  7. I do like the idea of more survival. I think all those animals and mechanics would drastically change the game but at the very least, having very valuable gas mask or medications to survive longer in the radiation would be cool. Vultures circling when bodies are close together would be interesting too.
  8. Hham

    Binoculars to see clearly those campers...

    I agree with old ninja. I think it's not a bad idea but I also think it's really easy to hide in a bush or behind a rock to where binoculars wouldn't help. I don't know that it would be very effective the majority of the time. Maybe, but I doubt it. IMHO
  9. Hham

    Random Map

    If I remember correctly in a dev stream they mentioned they did the random map so that their smaller player base wasn't all spread out waiting for games in different maps. This way you are more likely to get an encounter.
  10. Hham

    My P.O.V

    Hey just to let you know, my weapons were jamming too but someone pointed out the ammo is still going down. You're still firing Iran just the sound and animation that stops. I agree about the exit haha. Way too scary and easy to camp. There is an exit on tog station that is on the map but not in the game. I think it's tog station south east exit.
  11. Hham

    Partner Icon

    I actually like the hardcore immersive feel without the icons. My friends all agree but I haven't seen anyone take a poll on what most gamers feel. I know the devs are working hard and developing things quickly and I think the direction of the final product will bring in players.
  12. Hham

    3 kill threat status

    Most tagged people just leave the game unless they just don't care if they die. I'm afraid to get three kills. It doesn't make the threat have to be more careful it makes them too easy. If the tag lasted a minute, anyone who wanted to go after them could easily run across map for them. The threat would have to be careful for a long time and then could keep playing instead of a permanent disadvantage and just have to leave. I've been the threat early on by chance and I had to leave. There's no way o can go for the care package or barred house if I'm marked for the rest of the game. It feels like a punishment for getting kills. You can't even effectivley loot when you're tagged. Everyone has a huge ambush advantage that there is no counter measure for. It forces you to leave the game.
  13. Hham

    Trade kill bug

    I've had this happen several times. I don't think it's a bug. I think bullets are in the air on target and hit after death.
  14. I like the idea of marking someone killing everyone, but maybe not the whole match? Maybe they get the pulsing mark for 30sec-1min. and then every kill after that they get marked again. This would rotate the danger and challenge. the person who wants to avoid the threat will feel scared again not knowing where the threat is anymore. The person pursuing has to move quick to find them before the mark goes away instead of just staring at the map and ambushing the threat.
  15. Mosin Nagant fires before the sound of the bolt is finished cycling; also as it takes the whole 5 shots to the chest to kill, and the fire rate is so slow with high sway, it's currently pointless to use. Maybe 2-3 shots to kill as a fix? Or two mosin nagants. The shorter carbine with less iron sight sway but much slower muzzle velocity/damage(still not 5 shots), and the 91/30 long barrel with a scope and higher muzzle velocity/damage. The longer version could also affect player fatigue which I will address lower down. Sks is a semi auto and should have the same fire rate or close to an m1 but it fires the same rate as the mosin. The 44 magnum has a second cylinder in the handle of the weapon the Suomi has a bolt like the mosin behind the receiver. As much as I love the ppsh, it's over powered. There's not much reason to use anything else. Fast fire rate, low recoil, good iron sights, high muzzle velocity, large capacity. There are other guns just as powerful or more, but the magazine capacity alone negates other weapons. There needs to be more factors to consider when choosing weapons as a player. For example blind fire spread. Some weapons that do less damage with slow muzzle velocity could have much tighter blind fire spread for super up close fights. Also bigger more powerful weapons could slow the character down or use up stamina faster. As an incentive to carry smaller weapons. I have been enjoying this game even in its current state more than any other game I own (cough suck it pubg cough). I like the hardcore immersive direction you are taking things. I don't want it to get repetitive by there being obvious best weapon choices so having more factors to consider adds variety. Like being able to put a bayonet on certain weapons making the melee do more damage. Shotguns are hard in games because they are either too powerful or too weak. I think they need a tighter pellet spread maybe more damage? But less range. If it's point blank it should be a kill. Damage drop off at range should be quick though. Very slow reload times for shotguns is another good balancing tool. Bipods on weapons should have an effect on sway when prone. I'm sure that's the plan eventually or why would you have put bipods on there. Theres currently no way to test knife damage. Do the different knives do more/less damage, or is it purely for looks? I've heard you want to introduce breath hold on weapons so I won't bring that up as I know you are aware. I like ADS better that controlled hip fire. Every time I switch weapons the default is hip fire. It has gotten me killed. It should remember what you set it too last. Also when you first join a game your weapons should be topped off on ammo instead of having to reload to get that one extra round. I see it mentioned a lot that weapons stop firing. There is currently an issue where the firing animation stops but the actual firing. If you continue to hold auto fire down you will see your ammo count go down and can still get the kill. If anything this bug helps as the recoil stops and your weapon become a laser beam. A weak pistol with a silencer would be a popular addition to the special issue weapons. One shot headshot of course but ten body shots or so. Hope this helps devs! Keep up the good work!