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  1. JohnsenGodwill

    [Help] Rotating Objects

    Update : This Topic can be closed the whole misstake was the follwing....... i forgot that i have to setDir first and then setPos because otherwise the object just rotate back like the wiki tells it in setDir.....
  2. JohnsenGodwill

    [Help] Rotating Objects

    I rotate my Objects that i placed in the House ans this works very well only if press spacebar the object rotate to the startposition and the keyhandler getting called within the Mission Start so all works perfect but the rotatet object that i rotate with my Key rotating back Alter i press spacebar p.s if you have Steam we Can write There and i can Show you my Problem over Teamviewer or anydesk
  3. JohnsenGodwill

    [Help] Rotating Objects

    Okey first it started with a AddAction here the Code : life_actions = [player addAction["Möbel verschieben",life_fnc_MoebelBeweg,"",0,false,false,"",' typeOf CursorObject in life_moebelobj && (player distance CursorObject < 3) && (speed player < 1 && speed CursorObject < 1)']]; then the File "MoebelBeweg" is the following : #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* Filename : fn_MobelBeweg Description: kappa Author : JohnsenGodwill Copyright : Kavala-Life */ private ["Beweg","_attachPos"]; /*Beweg = param [1,objNull,[objNull]]; _unit = _this select 0;*/ life_bewegen = true; if (!life_bewegen) exitWith {}; //if (life_Schrank_Obj == objNull) exitWith {}; //if (!((typeOf life_Schrank_Obj) in ["Land_OfficeCabinet_01_F"])) exitWith {}; if (!(nearestObject [player, "House"] in syn_haus)) exitWith {hint localize "STR_ISTR_Box_NotinHouse";}; if (typeOf cursorObject in life_moebelobj) then { _sender = player; _ID = owner _sender; Beweg = cursorObject; _attachPos = [0, 1, ((boundingBoxReal Beweg) select 1) select 2]; //Beweg attachTo [player,[0,1.5,0.5]]; Beweg enableSimulation true; NeuZ = 0.4; /*_hoch = 0; moebelhoch = _hoch; _ID publicVariableClient "moebelhoch";*/ moebelstuck = Beweg; _ID publicVariableClient "moebelstuck"; }; life_Schrank_Obj = Beweg; titleText [localize "STR_NOTF_PlaceContainer", "PLAIN"]; and then my KeyHandler part whitch its Switching to is the Following : if (life_bewegen) then { switch (_code) do { //space key case 18: { _Dir = getDir Beweg; _NeuDir = _Dir + 0.3; Beweg setDir _NeuDir; hint format["E Taste AlteDir = %1 NeueDir = %2 Moebel = %3",_Dir,_NeuDir,Beweg]; }; case 16: { if (NeuZ < 1.2) then { detach Beweg; NeuZ = NeuZ + 0.4; Beweg setPosATL ((getPosATL Beweg) vectorAdd [0,0,0.2]); }; }; case 20: { if (NeuZ > 0.2) then { detach Beweg; NeuZ = NeuZ - 0.4; Beweg setPosATL ((getPosATL Beweg) vectorAdd [0,0,-0.2]); }; }; //space key case 57: { [Beweg] spawn life_fnc_MoebelUpdate; }; }; true; }; and last when i press the Spacebar so the file "MoebelUpdate" is : #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File : fn_MoebelUpdate.sqf Author: JohnsenGodwill Description: Place and set Position and Direction of the Object */ /*detach _moebel; hint format ["%1", _moebel];*/ private ["_moebel","_isFloating"]; _moebel = life_Schrank_Obj; _moebelID = _moebel getVariable ["moebel_id", -1]; _Dir = getDir _moebel; _pos = getPos _moebel; _moebel enableSimulation false; _moebel setDir _Dir; _moebel setPos _pos; hint format ["%1", _moebelID]; [_moebelID,_moebel] remoteExec ["TON_fnc_updateMoebelPos",RSERV]; life_bewegen = false; i hope i could show you now all that you want to know! :)
  4. Hello everyone, i hope you can help me with my problem...... i try to rotate my Objects from a simple Script that when ever i press a button it rotate a little bit but if i just letting stay it without pressing anything the Object move back at it Start Position..... my Script when i roatiting it is in my keyhandler the folowing : case 18: { _Dir = getDir MoveObj ; _NewDir = _Dir + 0.3; MoveObj setDir _NewDir; };