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  1. Looking for a good terrain of a modern, urban city. Would like it to make some scenarios.
  2. So this comes with quite a few errors, I recently just got a new pc, and I've been having issues running Arma. I never had issues on my other laptop aside from one I already made a post about, but with this new laptop, I redownloaded Steam and Arma 3, and I tried to play it, it resulted in a Windows bluescreen crash, after working through the Microsoft support agents on their forums, the error was caused by battleeye. Before I reinstalled, I tried to launch the game without battleeye just to see if it works. I then hit "Play without mods" and I got the error in the title, I followed the guide on the forums for that error, and tried to use the Microsoft dependency walker, I opened the Armax64 exe with it and got these errors: https://gyazo.com/eb397d11da809901f3471072b801e664 https://gyazo.com/60ef72d5b6b3f3505211552b4f04944a https://gyazo.com/a91fe4a02075e90df90110282df089c0 Somebody help I just want to play.
  3. Ran into an annoying problem. Steam is "Updating" all of my Arma 3 mods. I don't know what to do, all I wanted to do is try out a new mod. But now I have to wait for my hard drive to fill up again. Is there any way to stop this?