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  1. "enableWeaponDisassembly false;" works but i want to set it only to IA units.
  2. Hello! how to disable the Static Weapons creations?
  3. Warlords

    if I add INDEP units inside buildings synced to a WLSector they would spawn when the WLSector get activated?
  4. Warlords

    Is it possible?
  5. Warlords

    @Jezuro would be nice to have separated options to set the fast travel for the IA and players. For example if you want to make the IA able to teleport to any sector but players only to owned ones.
  6. Warlords

    Sorry man, finally we made it, I only put the (): [_markerstr] spawn { sleep 20; deleteMarkerLocal (_this select 0); }; That works perfectly! Thanks a lot!
  7. Warlords

    You were very close! but something go wrong at this line : deleteMarker _this select 0; I've changed to deleteMarkerLocal _this select 0; but nothing changes.
  8. Warlords

    Hello, im trying to put the following script in a WL custom mission to set a mark in a dead player; but I need to make it disappear after X second or maybe reach the body. player addMPEventhandler ["mpkilled",{ _me = _this select 0; _myName = name _me; _him = _this select 1; _hisName = name _him; _meters = _me distance _him; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [_myName, position _me]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; _markerstr setMarkerSize [0.8,0.8]; _markerstr setMarkerAlpha 0.7; _markerstr setMarkerType "KIA"; //https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cfgMarkers }];
  9. Hello! How can make this marker dissapear after X seconds?
  10. Warlords

    Arsenal seems to be bugged, i cant load saved loadouts. How can i fix it? Im not using mods...
  11. Warlords

    How can i get the white list of classnames for the WLords arsenal?
  12. Warlords

    The direction of the vector that links two sectors affects the IA teleport. In this case the direction to "La Riviere" make the IA teleport into the water so if you want to edit a mission you have to take in count the position between sectors. Is there a way to force IA to spawn only in a terrain? @Jezuro
  13. So I figured it out, and it might works for squad tanks too: // Kills the crew of an aircraft when they decide to bail out // Prevents long respawn waits when aircraft crash far from the battlefield // [_proxyThis] call jebus_fnc_pilotKill // Optional second parameter for debugging: [_proxyThis, 'DEBUG'] call jebus_fnc_pilotKill _aircraft = vehicle (_this select 0); if ("DEBUG" in _this) then { _debug = true; }; _crew = _this select 0; _crewGroup = group _crew; _crewInGroup = units _crewGroup; if (_debug) then { systemChat "Jebus Pilot Kill is active"; }; waitUntil {!canMove _aircraft}; if (_debug) then { systemChat "Killing crew"; }; sleep 20; //added to give the pilot a chance to eject using the new Jets DLC eject feature - Imperator {deleteVehicle _x} foreach _crewInGroup;
  14. hello, I put the following command at the squad leader's init. The group has 3 jets and the script does not affect the squad members, besides the leader the rest of the pilots do not die when ejected. Can you help me? I want to keep these units working as a squad.
  15. Warlords

    i've already tried through the v.arsenal in a custom mission, but the UAV terminal does not connect any drone
  16. Warlords

    Are drones disabled? I cant use them.
  17. Warlords

    @Jezuro Would be nice for the next patch that the requested helicopter pilot to be civilian faction to allow players buy any vehicle without be attacked by the opposite faction at the base. And please add to the possibility to edit IA indep troop classnames. Love the gamemode! Thanks!
  18. Warlords

    Is this still working? I cant make it run...
  19. Warlords

    Hi, how can I change the INDEP unit gear? I want to customize de IA loadout and uniforms.
  20. Warlords

    How can i fix my mission? when the units teleport to the selected town they spawns on the water.
  21. Ohh thanks a ton dude! that was the problem!!
  22. It works, but for any reason it doesnt when i use this animations: officierONU switchMove "Acts_JetsCrewaidR_idle"; officierONU addEventHandler ["AnimDone", { params ["_unit", "_anim"]; // systemchat format ["Animation %1 ended",_anim]; if (!alive _unit) exitWith {_unit removeAllEventHandlers "AnimDone"}; switch (true) do { case (_anim == "Acts_JetsCrewaidR_idle"): {_unit switchMove "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouch_in_m"}; case (_anim == "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouch_in_m"): {_unit switchMove "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouchThumbup_in_m"}; case (_anim == "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouchThumbup_in_m"): {_unit switchMove "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouchThumbup_loop_m"}; case (_anim == "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouchThumbup_loop_m"): {_unit switchMove "Acts_JetsCrewaidRCrouch_out_m"}; default {}; }; }];
  23. Warlords

    Hello, im editting a warlord mission and i want to put bots with some animation sequences looping at the base. I found this script: but i want to run the animations in order not randomly. Can you help me?
  24. ohh but how?... sorry scripting is not my best!
  25. it's a great script. I just need to execute animations in order; not randomly but keeping the loop. Can you help me?