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  1. [IT/EU] ODK Clan

    The Italian front has almost totally been conquered. Skirmishes are what remains in the southern of the European continent. The battles, the real ones, are now only thoughts far far away. The ODK Team, with its own f’ing IA, stands proud at the apex of what it was and what it is now. Although new challenges and thirst for victory, are what push the team forward. Europe will be our new battlefield. Here, the ODK Team, looks for new European clans to play with in PvE missions and enlarge its own rule on the old world. TeamSpeak alongside ACE, TFR and RHS are the mods we could never play without and those are what we require - others will be added if there will be a necessity -. Wednesday is the game day, but we are open to changes. GMT + 1 is our time zone. Join us, comrades! Let’s make Arma the greatest again. “Don’t work the safe” Contacts: Steam: -|ODK|- Black_Ice931 Website: www.odkclan.it (soon in eng as well) TeamSpeak: ts.odkclan.it For Italian players who are looking for a passionate and serious team, do not hesitate and join us. Trainings are available for your favourite roles.
  2. Squad name: ODK Timezone/location : Italy, GMT+1 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Contact email: info@odkclan.it Website address: odkclan.it Short description: We play mainly Coop custom missions, made by us as well. Proprietary Arma and TS servers. ODK Clan plays also on different other games. Language: Italian, English
  3. The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

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