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  1. Hello guys, I am having some issues making the advanced sling loading working. Everytime a player respawns, it's not able to get the ropes from an helicopter - the action is there, but if it clicks nothing happens. I use the pedagne mod as well, which has it's own sling loading model already - if that could be a of any help. Any suggestion?
  2. Black_Ice931

    Diary Record

    yes I do, but, as I said, they didnt work - that's why I ask stupid questions in here 😭
  3. Black_Ice931

    Diary Record

    Well, no reason to start a new topic, even if that is totally different: I need to create a trigger that activates only when a player is inside. I tried many different things but didn't work and I could find anything workable in here. Any help? Thanks
  4. Black_Ice931

    Diary Record

    Why does it have to be so stupid? 😂 Thanks, btw!
  5. Black_Ice931

    Diary Record

    That helps! One more thing: how do I rename a team to show a custom name in the player selection in the mission? I changed already the name and on the left hand side list it shows my name - and not Alpha 1-1, ecc -. Thank you.
  6. Black_Ice931

    Diary Record

    That might be a dumb question, asked many and many times but the"Search" button didnt help me, so.. How can I end the line and start to write from the following? Just pressing start does not work and I tried a few different options but nothing.. Thanks people.
  7. Black_Ice931

    Trigger after action

    Another question! This works, but I want to use a script to create a marker after that action, how can I call it after that as been done? Script is this: _comandantepos = getPos latta; _marker1 = createMarker ["Comandate", _comandantepos]; _marker1 setMarkerShape "ICON"; _marker1 setMarkerType "hd_objective"; _marker1 setMarkerSize [1, 1]; _marker1 setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; _marker1 setMarkerText "Comandate"; removeAllActions contatto; Thanks
  8. Black_Ice931

    Trigger after action

  9. Black_Ice931

    Trigger after action

    I'm definitely not the most expert coder here, so... This is what I need to add in my initServerLocal.sqf. Where do I find it? And those dots will stay or do I need to insert something there?
  10. Hey guys, Very easy question: how can I start a trigger after an action is done? In my case: I have have to talk to someone, after that I wouold like to complete the mission. Help? Cheers.
  11. Black_Ice931

    The new beginner is in town

    If i want to use this one, the sintax will be: cursorTarget call BIS_fnc_neutralizeUnit; That cursorTarget is the name of my unit? And the call what means?
  12. Hello guys, I am new in all of this and I was trying to create some scripts for missions I would like to make. Basically I have this plane flying above an enemy area and I would like it to receive a hit from an AA missile and crashing. So what I need is a script with a timer that makes a AA unit with a launcher to shot and hit the plane. Would you be able to help me? Or suggesting me the right path to follow to do it? As said, I am new and I am trying to understand how everything works 😛 Cheers.
  13. Black_Ice931

    Scenarios & Editor

    Well. It turned out to be in the MP folder. So thank you both for the hints ;)!!!
  14. Black_Ice931

    Scenarios & Editor

    Thank you guys, I'll have a look as soon as I can
  15. Black_Ice931

    Scenarios & Editor

    I guess this is the right place where to ask these dumb questions.. Recently I downloaded a scenario from the Steam Workshop, but I don't really understand hot to play it. If I go in the game Singleplayer -> Scenarios area nothing is there. Also, would I be able to open it in the editor to make some adjustments starting from the base scenario? If yes, how can I do it? Thank you.