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  1. Jakub Danis

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    @IndeedPete Have you considered going back to M.E.R.C.S to fix the videos ? all the other bugs can be fixed and bypassed by players if you enable zeus but the videos all unbypasable. Imho id place the videos in proper locations myself if i only know where they are currently located, because game will tell you where its trying to find them.
  2. Jakub Danis

    [SP-Campaign] Ice

    I wonder if this ever gets done. Would be nice if Mercs could be updated after Arma 3 gets final version and is not updated anymore, and this finished. I mean it would be nice If this stuff didnt just remain an idea even if it takes another few years. Alas propably not gonna happen.